T-Mobile’s 2TB Google One plan includes unlimited Google Photos backups

T-Mobile is introducing a new Google One membership option for its customers that revives Google’s unlimited photo storage backup service… for a price, of course. For $15 per month, it includes 2TB of cloud storage, all of the benefits of Google One membership, and unlimited original resolution photo and video backups to Google Photos.

When Google brought its gravy train of free photo storage to a halt in 2021, a weary world sighed and looked for new storage options. Sure, the included 15GB of free storage would be enough for many people, but those of us who take a lot of photos and liked the “set it and forget it” nature of unlimited Google Photos backup would need to pony up for a paid Google One membership sooner or later.

Google One memberships start at $2 per month for 100GB of cloud storage and go up to $10 per month for 2TB (plus some other perks, like a VPN and 10 percent credit back on Google Store purchases). This new tier — open only to T-Mobile customers — is the priciest yet, but it’s the only one to include unlimited Google Photos backups in its benefits.

For a lot of people, 2TB would probably be more than enough photo storage in itself, but you can share that 2TB cloud storage allotment with up to five other people. The Google Photos benefit, however, only applies to the T-Mobile account manager — not everyone on your plan. The new storage plan will become available on Tuesday, April 26th.

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