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Target Adventures! Billion Dollar Beauty, Jason Wu, Olive & June and SO MANY TWEEZERS

Some exciting finds from Target, like this build-your-own palette by Billion Dollar Beauty

Random unsolicited beauty advice for the day: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PACK YOUR TWEEZERS.

You’re going to laugh at me… We’re staying in Sonoma for a few days while our house is being worked on (and by “we,” I mean all of us, including Rosie the Cat!). Of course, me being me, I did some last-minute “panic packing,” which means throwing everything I could grab into my luggage, including all of the stuff I like to have around but probably won’t use because all I’ve been wearing lately is sunscreen — random neutral palettes I haven’t worn in years, foundation, liquid lipsticks, etc.

Anywho, the first night we get here, I’m lying down in bed trying to fall asleep, when I touch my chin and realize that 1) there’s a stiff, stubby renegade hair; and 2) I didn’t pack any tweezers.


I went to Target the next day to find a pair, and, incidentally, the beauty section had a shocking number of hair removal tools, ranging from pricy (Tweezerman, which are BOMB) to mid-range (Japonesque) to super-duper budget-friendly (Trim).

I’m usually a Tweezerman girl, but I couldn’t resist the Japonesque ones because they look like mini works of art! I ended up with these $6 point tweezers, which swiftly remedied my stubble situation.

Not exactly tweezer related, but does anyone else find this Trim Blemish Removing Tool terrifying…? It looks like something that belongs on a dentist’s exam tray!

If you use this tool and love it, please fill me in on how to use it.

While I was there, I also looked around, of course (it seemed like the right thing to do), and I was pleasantly surprised by all of the new brands I’d never seen before.

This brand called Billion Dollar Beauty looks really cool. They sell an empty palette and individual makeup pans, so you build your own palette from scratch! Everything is pretty affordable, too.

Aren’t the colors pretty? I love the wide range of useful neutrals. I’m saving my lunch money to build my own palette (or palettes?) ASAP.

Oh, please excuse the sad state of my nails. I didn’t have the chance to remove the tow-up remainder of a recent Chanel New Dawn manicure, and that’s probably why I ended up up grabbing these polish removing pads…

I also got a grayish-green shade called KMC, along with a top coat from a new-to-me brand called Olive & June. 😬

I saw my favorite Honest Beauty palette right across from the Olive & June display, by the way! If you haven’t tried it yet, you better get on it ASAP. I actually wore it last night out to dinner (, along with my Bliss Block Star Tinted Sunscreen), and I still love it.

Isn’t the Jason Wu packaging gorgeous?

See anything you like? I’m most excited about the Billion Dollar Beauty and Olive & June lines.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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