The best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases 2021

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung’s finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 20, the latest in its line of superb phablets, and once again it looks like a super-impressive device, and is one that costs a pretty penny.

That means that when you pick up the new phone you’re likely to want a case to put it in as soon as possible, to make sure that nothing unfortunate happens before you can. We’ve rounded up the very best options available so far, for you to choose from. Check them out below.  

Our pick of the best Note 20 cases to buy today


Caseology Parallax


We think this case from Caseology is remarkably nice to look at, especially given how reasonably it’s priced.

It means that you can get a lovely shade of green regardless of which model you actually pick up, and is really grippy and textured, too. A great bargain. 


Spigen Ultra Hybrid


If you want a more toned-down look, this black case from Spigen is a great choice.

It’s also nicely priced, and has a really subtle texture that also makes it great for gripping compared to the naked phone, which is always important. 




Mous’ cases only seem to get better, and it’s always one of the first on the scene when a new phone launches. Its third-generation Limitless case is a really slim but hugely protective sleeve for your S20. 

It’s got a classy finish in Aramid Fibre, and will protect your smartphone from drops and bumps really handily. 


Gear4 Battersea


We really like how clean and simple this case from Gear4 is – with that tiny ribbon of orange on the outside to give it a sense of personality. 

It’s protected for drops of up to 15 feet, which is pretty huge, and an anti-bacterial treatment also means it holds up to grime and dirt nicely. 




This glass case is about as minimalistic as you can get – it’s clear and glossy but will protect your phone from scratches and nicks.

We really like that it’s glass, not plastic like most wraparound cases in this area, and think that it might be the best way to preserve your Note 20’s looks. 


Incipio DualPro


This sleek case has solid 10-foot drop protection and a clean design that comes in both red and grey. 

It’s got a really nice look, and is nicely scratch-resistant, too, which should mean that it lasts a good amount of time. Raised bezels also mean that your screen benefits from protection, as well as the phone’s body. 




This metallic-style case from Olixar is a great choice if you want a more boardroom look for your phone. It’s got a carbon fibre design that looks really classy.

It’s also great for drop protection, needless to say, and cut-outs mean you have access to all the buttons and your S-Pen without any issues 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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