The Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

The Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

The international pandemic has caused many people to overthink their attitude towards distance learning. While distance learning facilities used to be considered worse quality than the regular way of schooling, they now have a major advantage compared to old-fashioned schools or universities – their digital head start has now paid off. More and more people are now looking into the benefits of distance learning.

How Does Distance Learning Work?

A distance learning program is usually set up in a way where you get study material from your school, which you work off on your own initiative. Most schools will also offer a digital environment where students can communicate with each other as well as with teachers in order to answer open questions. Basically, you can join a distance learning program from any place in the world – a reliable internet connection and a good laptop are the sole prerequisites you need.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Distance education vs regular education? Both programs have their own perks – you only need to figure out which one is more suitable for you. Here´s a list of the biggest pros and cons.

What Are the Advantages of Distance Learning?

·         You can be a digital (learning) nomad:

When studying at a remote school, you are independent of your location. That means you can live abroad or travel the world while still going for your degree. If you start a travel blog at the same time, you can feed it great content and even earn money. Just make sure to edit your videos with a high-quality software like this one:

·         You save money:

Yes, you will still need to pay fees, even if you´re being schooled remotely. But at the same time, you save a lot of money for gas, bus tickets, to-go food, books and more. At most schools, distance learning fees are also cheaper than full-time face-to-face teaching.

·         You can save time:

When studying remotely, you are not just independent of your location, but also of a schedule. You can fit your study sessions in whenever you find the time – independent of day care opening hours, teaching schedules and classmates. Also, you can learn study content at your own pace.

What Are the Disadvantages of Distance Learning?

·         You need a high level of discipline:

The fact that nobody urges you to work a set amount of hours each day or week can cause you to procrastinate. Some remote students even lose their focus by meeting deadlines without solidifying study content.

·         Black sheep among distance learning programs:

Your degree might not be evaluated as highly as a regular one, as there are black sheep among the providers of online schools. Fake certificates are another reason why some employers are skeptical of distance learning degrees.

·         No campus life for you:

College is a unique experience that coins you for life – not only for academic reasons but also for social life. In online schools, the campus only exists virtually. This con, of course, cannot be taken into consideration during the pandemic.

Is There a Difference Between eLearning and Distance Learning?

Distance learning and eLearning both take place via the internet, but they are not the same. While eLearning is rather an addition to face-to-face teaching, distance learning is a substitute.

The concept of eLearning takes a holistic approach. At school, students get their fair share of facts and tests. But on the eLearning platform, exercising and solidifying are in focus. Students can virtually stay in touch with their teachers and classmates, which gives them support and a holistic learning experience.

Distance learning however is a whole different method of studying, where face-to-face teaching becomes superfluous. The entire imparting of knowledge takes place virtually instead. The pros and cons of online classes should be thoroughly thought about. If you feel that this method is made for you, distance learning can be a great way to get your college degree.

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