The Road Less Traveled: Must-Have Adventures in Tennessee

The Road Less Traveled: Must-Have Adventures in Tennessee

If you wish to take the road less traveled, Tennessee will take you far from the maddening crowd. You can feast your eyes on postcard-perfect scenery and explore natural playgrounds for thrilling escapades and adventures. It is the ultimate US state to experience the unfiltered and unadulterated beauty of the great outdoors.

In Tennessee, everywhere you turn, the eye meets a landscape that is beguilingly breathtaking and difficult to ignore. The state offers an amazingly diverse landscape, dominated by river plains and soaring peaks of the Appalachian Mountains. The culture is just as enthralling as the landscape, and you must add festivals and carnivals to your itinerary. Keep reading to explore some must-have adventurers to enjoy if you’re visiting the scenic state. 

The Great Smoky Mountains 

A trip to Tennessee is incomplete without feasting your eyes on the natural splendors and beauty of the Smoky Mountains. A region that commands picturesque beauty and an abundance of adventures, the Smoky Mountains attract all travelers. Adventurers can explore around 150 hiking trails that take you deep into the wilderness and lush forests surrounded by rolling hills. 

Travelers prefer exploring hotels in Sevierville TN, being the perfect town to serve as a base for the Smoky Mountains. You can enjoy close proximity to all the leading attractions and famous nature trails. Be sure to explore the breathtaking Appalachian Trail – a splendid 8-mile roundtrip rich with wildflowers, rolling hills, and freshwater springs. 

If you’re planning for June, you can catch the mind-blowing light show of synchronized fireflies lighting up the Smoky Mountains. We strongly urge you to explore the famous Alum Cave Trail. 


The whimsical town of Gatlinburg deserves a stopover on your journey across the Smoky Mountain region. This charming and quaint little town will delight you with its romantic ambiance and old-world charm. You can explore the local street food, cafes, and pubs and sign up for cultural events and festivals. 

Be sure to walk around and explore the unique experiences this town has to offer. The Cades Cove, located approximately 30 miles from Gatlinburg, is another must-visit attraction. History buffs will find the well-preserved historic architecture endlessly fascinating. 

Lookout Mountain 

Have you ever witnessed a soul-crushing landscape that pierces your heart with natural beauty that one must see to believe? If not, then head over to Lookout Mountain, one of the most breathtaking spots in Tennessee. This mountain ridge is perched between Georgia and Tennessee, and you can find this magical spot in Chattanooga. A term inspires its peculiar name in the native Cherokee language, which refers to mountains that face one another. Interestingly, the mountain ridge enjoys great historical significance as it is the Cherokees’ final battle site. 

After feasting your eyes on the scenic landscape, head over to explore the cascading beauty of Ruby Falls. A series of 145-foot underground waterfalls, the Ruby Falls are also located in the Lookout Mountain. 

Narrows Of the Harpeth Trail 

An adventure that combines nature exploration with historical learning! The Narrows of the Harpeth Trail is a much-loved hiking route around a limestone rock by the scenic Harpeth River. This 1-mile trail circles around the limestone buff, taking you along a picturesque path laden with wonders. 

You can explore a historic limestone tunnel erected back in 1820 for the iron forge run by Montgomery Bell. The Narrows of the Harpeth Trail is a family-friendly adventure for a rewarding day trip. 

South Cumberland State Park 

Another rare jewel in the treasure trove of Tennessee, the South Cumberland Park, beckons adventurers with thrilling outdoorsy escapades. You can carve out a rewarding day of hiking, biking, swimming, and explore cascading waterfalls. 

The Foster Falls is the most-loved attraction to explore in this area, and they attract large flocks of tourists. The waterfall is surrounded by an expansive pool below, where you can swim and cool off after a long hike. The park is home to some fantastic nature trails and over 2000 climbs, ideally suited for beginners and seasoned mountain climbers. 

Tennessee River

Piercing through Chattanooga, this section of the Tennessee River is brimming with beauty and adventure. You can explore numerous camping grounds, such as the Prentice Cooper State Park, Cloudland Canyon State Park, or the Raccoon Mountains. The river and its banks are abuzz with an abundance of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, water sports, and hiking. 

You can explore the nearby forests during the day, cool off at the river, and spend your nights enjoying the romantic ambiance. The river banks host some of the most incredible festivals and events in Tennessee. With a bit of research, you can catch one of these festivals by planning and making prior bookings. 

If you’re traveling with family, you can explore family and pet-friendly cabins near the river. The Lookout Mountain is also a great camping site with fantastic opportunities for outdoorsy fun. 


Tennessee is a land of incredible diversity and spectacular beauty. As a traveler, one feels spoilt for choice and variety while picking out adventures and planning an itinerary. Therefore, it’s essential to plan an itinerary after performing extensive research. 

It’s one of the best states to explore festivals, local entertainment events, and cultural fests. You can make bookings to catch cultural events, festivals, and happenings across the state. We hope our round-up inspires you to take the road less traveled as compared to the mainstream tourist experience.

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