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This or That: The Face Powder Edition

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Pick one or the other for each of the questions below, and copy/paste your answers in the comments. Can’t wait to see your picks! Mine are listed below. 💋

This or That: The High- or Low-End Beauty Edition, Part II

  • Loose or pressed?
  • Translucent or tinted?
  • Mineral or non-mineral powder?
  • Baking with powder — yes or no?
  • Sponge, puff or brush applicator?
  • High-end powder or budget-friendly powder?
  • Yellow “banana” powders — yes or no?
  • Glowing or matte finish?
  • More powder or less?

Loose or pressed?

Pressed, but only if it’s MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural; otherwise, loose…because I think they look more natural on my skin.

Translucent or tinted?

Li’l bit of tint please, but not full coverage, because I think it looks too heavy on my pores.

Mineral or non-mineral powder?

Hmm… Mineral powders tend to look thicker than non-mineral on my skin, so non-mineral.

Baking with powder — yes or no?

No thank you. I’m going to give this one a hard pass.

Sponge, puff or brush applicator?

Brush, baby!

High-end powder or budget-friendly powder?

There are so many great ones among both, but I’ll go with high-end because they just seem to have that little extra something-something. But I use and like both budget and pricey powders.

Yellow “banana” powders — yes or no?

Ya know, I feel like it’s just an extra step, so it’s a no for this gal!

Glowing or matte finish?

Glowing for real life and matte for pics.

More powder or less?

My “wizened” skin and face say less.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy Wednesday! 😊

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