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Tips for Farm Performance and Safety

Owning a farm is one of the best jobs there is. You get to spend each day in an incredible environment while working up close and personal with some amazing animals. This enables you to have excellent physical and mental health; as well as make a positive change to society.

Now, whether you’re a beginner farmer or a veteran who’s ran a farm for over 10 years, here are some top tips for you to try. These tips will improve your farm’s performance and safety levels, which is incredibly important during these competitive times when more people (young and old) are entering the farming industry!

Use all-natural feed

Many farmers make the mistake of using poor-quality, overly cheap feed in order to cut corners. This is never a good idea in any circumstance.

All your animals deserve natural feed so that they can be as healthy as possible. Therefore, it’s really important that you purchase your feed from a natural and reliable provider. Natura Feed Ingredients are an excellent choice. They will ensure your animals remain healthy and can perform to the best of their ability – it’s a farmer’s dream turned reality!

Set realistic targets

The life of a farmer is all about setting and achieving realistic goals. Remember, it’s an industry that has plenty of opportunity for growth and success – but you can’t rush it!

So, it’s essential that you plan and set realistic targets that you can achieve. For example, one of your main targets could be to supply produce for 5 or 6 local stores. From here, you may decide that you want to build your farm’s brand on a larger scale through supplying regionally – possibly even to big supermarket chains.

Install surveillance video on your grounds

Unfortunately, farms are often the target of criminals and pesky invaders. Don’t worry – at some point in time, every farm has encountered an issue like this. Thankfully, due to modern technology, there are numerous security measures that you can put in place. Surveillance video, though, is still arguably the most effective deterrent of criminals and invaders on your property.

It’s a good idea to install surveillance video in your most important locations, from fields to barns and sheds. You can even install alarm systems that will instantly alert you if any problems arise.

But what are the ultimate benefits of installing a surveillance video system across your farm? Some of the main ones include:

  • Deterring criminals and break-ins
  • Protecting your animals
  • Protecting your stock and feed
  • Ensuring you don’t experience property damage

Open an onsite café or play area

These days, lots of modern farms offer cafés and play areas for families and children to come and visit. This is smart, as it’s an excellent (and organic) way to build your farm’s reputation and brand name. Of course, doing this will require short-term loans and costs, but the long-term pay off will be more than worth it; as you will be able to establish your farm as a family-friendly place for all.

Build relationships

Although many industries are filled with vicious competition levels, this doesn’t always apply to farming.

Sure, farming is still competitive – but there is much more room for friendliness and relationships to be forged, particularly with other farm owners in your area. Bill Gates might even own some farmland near you!

Through building relationships with other farmers, you’ll gain valuable insight and advice; and may possibly receive access to new resources.


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