Top 10 Must-Experience Music Festivals in Asia After Pandemic

Top 10 Must-Experience Music Festivals in Asia After Pandemic

For decades, not only Europe and America have been the mecca for reputable music festivals, but also Asia. The expansion of EDM in Asia is continuously booming, urging many music organizers and enthusiasts to trend. 

The development of music festivals in Asia has become more creative. From music-focused, it merged with arts, wellness, culture, and more. These innovations make music-lovers crave more of these festivities.

So, if you are a music fanatic and are in one of the Asian countries, try going to one of the music festivals. To help you with your venture, here are some of the must-see music festivals in Asia. 

Philippines: Wanderland Music and Arts Festival

Wanderland Music and Arts Festival is a yearly outdoor event usually held in March. Enjoy performances from both local and international indie bands. 

There are several other music festivals in the Philippines. But you should not miss this one-of-a-kind festivity. It is the leading and the most established music festival in the country. 

You can dance and vibe with well-known indie bands and artists. And rock with amateur bands during the battle of the local indie bands. 

If you are into indie bands, then Wanderland Music and Arts Festival in the Philippines is best for you. 

Thailand: Maya Music Festival

Maya Music Festival in Thailand is one of the most unique music festivals in Asia. It prides its electronic music combined with Thai art and mythology. 

Locals show Thailand’s rich culture through five stages. Each stage showcases different music from world-known artists. These stages include the EDM stage, Trap Stage, Live Stage, and Pool and After Party Stage. 

Pattaya, Thailand, holds this outdoor music festival from January to February. You can indulge in various genres like pop, rock, indie, dance, and electronic music. 

Thailand holds the event every year, so take your shot. You might see some of the world’s famous artists like LANY, Suede, and more. 

Singapore: Zoukout

Zoukout in Singapore is one of the most anticipated dance music festivals in Asia. It was first organized 15 years ago and has captured an international audience since then. 

If you want to see one of the best artists worldwide like David Guetta or DJ Jazzy Jeff, you can surely see them in Zoukout. You can dance to several genres like Hip Hop, techno, house, EDM, and trance music.

This event has won several awards given by Singapore’s Tourism Board. The festival guarantees your enjoyment and happiness. 

It is a two-day event in December at Siloso Beach in Sentosa, Singapore. 

Indonesia: We the Fest

It is a yearly summer festival in Indonesia organized by Ismaya Live. This festival is different from others as it does not only promote music. It also showcases the country’s arts, fashion, and food. 

The Fest features a varied music genre such as hip hop, pop, rock, indie, and EDM. Aside from music, movie enthusiasts can also adore the event for its new cinema club. You can watch classic and contemporary movies while you interact with the friendly locals and international audience.  

Japan: Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival is an annual three-day outdoor music festival in Japan that is held in July. This event features more than 300 local and international musicians. It is considered Japan’s largest music event. 

You can jam to diverse music while marveling at the dazzling Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture. There are seven stages in the event where the Green stage is considered the main stage. 

Many tourists and music enthusiasts go to the event not only for the music and nature. They also participate in the event for its goal, which is “the cleanest festival in the world.” 

India: VH1 Supersonic

VH1 is India’s one-stop go-to destination for dance music and festival enthusiasts. It is the biggest EDM festival in India that brings International and local EDM acts in one event.

Music festivals in India weren’t that well-accepted before. But the event organizers in this event were able to break into the walls of the audience. Nowadays, the event showcases multiple genres, from hip hop to indie rock music. 

If you want to enjoy the VH1 Supersonic music festival in India, you can witness it in Mid-February. 

South Korea: 5tardium

5tardium is the most mystical EDM festival in South Korea. The event’s concept is new compared to Korea’s EDM festivals in the past. 

Music festivals usually have different stages in different locations. But 5tardium is not your typical music festival. It showcases different performance stages from various DJs that coexist in one space. 

Each stage plays a different genre of music. Do not worry because even if there are different stages, the performances do not overlap. 

In just one place you can enjoy different events. There are performances, pixmobs, and fireworks. It is usually in June. 

Hongkong: Clockenflap

Clockenflap is an annual three-day art and music festival in Hongkong. It is one of the must-see events in Hongkong that unites arts, music, and film.   

From a thousand to a much bigger audience, the evolution of this event is massive. You can indulge not only in the wonders of music but also in the astonishing visuals of Hongkong’s famous skyline. 

Clockenflap happens in mid-November every year. If you are a fanatic of arts, music, and film, Hongkong’s Clockenflap will give you the fun you are seeking. 

Vietnam: Quest Festival

The Quest Festival in Vietnam is one of the best music festivals in Asia. This three-day event has everything that you are looking for fun. 

This festival features events like music, art, community, and camping. It is where you can see laidback hippie art. Big names in the music industry from the locals and overseas gather together to bring you the hype. 

It is not only known for music and arts, but it’s lovely scenery as well. Usually held in November, this location of the event is on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam. 

China: Yinyang Music Festival 

Another music festival to put on your bucket list is the Yinyang Music Festival in China. It is a three-day outdoor electronic music event held on the great wall of China. 

Several locals and Asian artists provide the fun by giving off the newest EDM. This event also gave a historical boost to China’s electronic music scene. 

Aside from promoting music to the world, this event also encourages cultural exchanges among the audience. 

If you want to enjoy both the ancient and futuristic vibe, you should go to the Yinyang Music Festival. It is held in September every year. 


The mentioned festivals are native to each country. However, many Asian countries host these huge festive events as well. 

Here are some of those most significant festival events held everywhere in Asia. 

ULTRA Worldwide

ULTRA is the biggest music festival in most countries all over the globe. It further became the most anticipated music festival in South Korea. But aside from Korea, Hongkong also hosts the event. 

It prides itself on popular electronic music that ranges from EDM to hip hop. It is an event held for three days which gathers some of the world-known artists like Martin Garrix and Skrillex. 

It’s The Ship

If you are a fan of Cruise, then It’s The Ship is the best music festival for you. It is Asia’s largest music festival on a luxury ship held for four days and three nights. 

You will not only jive with the music, but you can also get the chance to visit other countries. The most eventful activities to enjoy are the great line-up of music artists and themed-parties. It is one of the most luxurious festival events in Asia. 

S2O Songkran Music Festival

S2O Songkran Music Festival started in Thailand. But due to its massive popularity, Tokyo, Japan also hosts the event. 

It is where fanatics can enjoy music with country-wide water-fights. It is a three-day festival where DJs from locals and other countries play uplifting beats. It is the biggest festival event in Asia. 

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