Top 5 countries to get a cheap hair transplant

Top 5 countries to get a cheap hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a reliable and effective procedure to restore hair growth, reduce its loss, and improve thinning hairline. A lot of people consider this intervention as the only option to return their confidence, attractiveness, and even youth. 

So, it is no wonder that 700,000+ men and women do hair transplants annually. The number of these people can be greater. However, a lot of patients postpone transplant surgery thinking that it costs a lot. There is some truth in it, of course. Just compare, the cost of a hair transplant surgery in the USA, Germany or Australia will cost $10,000-$12,000, and the health insurance doesn’t cover expenses. 

But what if someone told you that it is possible to have hair transplant surgery twice, three or even four times cheaper? Luckily, there are a lot of countries worldwide where you can get affordable hair transplants. See below the most popular places where to get cost-effective procedure.


A lot of medical tourists consider Turkey as one of the top destinations to have cheap hair transplant not sacrificing its quality. Turkish clinics for hair transplant provide very good prices. For instance, the local Estetik International clinic offers a procedure for $2,400, and this price includes a maximum number of grafts, accommodation, airport pick-up, and interpreter’s services (if needed). The reasons why Turkish facilities perform a hair transplant several times cheaper than in the USA are: generally lower prices across the country, lower local citizens’ salaries and doctors’ as well, and a purpose to attract more and more international patients to Turkey.


Mexican clinics are also among the facilities offering a cost-effective hair transplant. Because of the close location to the USA, most outbound patients who land in Mexico are Americans. Here, you will pay for a hair transplant surgery 3-4 times less than in the USA — around $2,500-$4,000. The prices are a little higher than in Turkey. Nevertheless, patients from America will save time and money on tickets going to Mexico.


One more place to have a cheap hair transplant is India. The cost ranges here between $750-$2,500. It seems that Indian clinics offer the best deal. However, pay attention that accommodation, transfer, an interpreter are extra services and paid additionally.


For those, who do not want to go somewhere in Asia or America and entrust only European clinics, Poland is among the best options to have a cheap hair transplant. The prices here are not the lowest, they rather approach a medium price policy segment. The starting cost of a hair transplant is $2,500. This is a price for a starting number of grafts. For patients with advanced baldness, the price reaches $4,000-$5,000.


Thai clinics are often picked for a cheap hair transplant not only because of the affordable price but also the ability to enjoy local picturesque beaches and nature. This hair surgery will cost $3,900-$5,500. A patient usually pays additionally for a hotel stay and transfer.

Hair transplant options

Despite the price difference depending on a country, the hair transplant technique is everywhere applied the same. The most popular option is the FUE method. The FUE transplant procedure is almost painless and scarless, when a doctor takes out several follicles from a donor area (head, arms, legs, etc.), creates grafts (a bunch of follicles). and implants them in a hairless zone. As a rule, the procedure is quite comfortable, a blood loss is minimal or absent. 

One more option is FUT one. It is considered an old-fashioned and quite painful hair transplant method with high scarring risks. During a FUT process, a doctor cuts out a thin strip of a patient’s skin with donor follicles, separates these follicles, and then implants them into a recipient area. Nowadays, this option is rarely applied, but can be used in some cases.

As you see, it is possible to have an affordable, safe, and qualitative hair transplant. A medical tourist just needs to find the most appropriate place to perform it.

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