Top 5 Personal Loan Calculators

Top 5 Personal Loan Calculators

A personal loan is a loan that you are eligible for based on your credit history and income. Personal loans are also referred to as “signature loans” or “unsecured loans” as there is not always guaranteed collateral to secure a loan. Instead, lenders approve personal loans by assessing your creditworthiness.

To get a personal loan or payday loans online it is enough to apply for them, compared to home and car loans. This makes them useful to get everything you need: from small home improvements to expensive purchases. You can use a personal loan anytime you want. It is sensible to borrow only as much as you need, especially on things that improve your finances or have a significant impact on your life.

The Importance of Personal Loans Calculators

Banks have introduced a very convenient and necessary function on their websites. With the help of a special calculator, you can calculate all the costs of a loan, as well as find out how much is overpaid in the end. And this is without leaving your home!

If earlier such calculations could be found directly at the bank, now everything has become much more convenient. You can decide in advance whether you should take out a loan or not, after just a few counting operations. Unfortunately, such calculations are only approximate. Therefore, it is worth considering what the advantages and disadvantages of a personal loan calculator are.

A personal loan calculator is designed to calculate the amount of payment, including overpayment, and the real interest rate. The most important factor in calculating payments on your loan is the cost of your loan purchase itself. Although it does not matter what exactly you buy: an apartment or a whole house. It can even be a small consumer loan.

There is a type of personal loan calculator with a down payment. Such a contribution is the amount that you pay on the spot immediately. Usually, this amount is at least 7%. Further, the amount paid as the first installment for the purchase will be deducted from the cost of the purchase itself.

The personal loan term is the period of time for which you expect to repay your loan in full including interest. The annual percentage of payment on a loan depends on the conditions of the bank’s credit program.

The input data of a personal loan calculator are:

  • net purchase value (goods, services);
  • the amount of the first installment you made;
  • term of the loan agreement;
  • the annual interest required by the bank.

Using a loan calculator, you can calculate the monthly amount for the loan repayment. Having entered the website of any calculator, having entered all the input data in a special form, you can calculate how much you will have to pay per month.

Advantages of a Loan Calculator:

  • does not require additional costs and time;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • calculation in various currencies: rubles, euros, dollars.

Disadvantages of a Loan Calculator:

  • does not take into account the nuances, for example, additional bank charges for the very registration of the loan;
  • does not take into account the fact that the interest rate on the loan repayment may change monthly, decreasing by the end of the loan agreement.

Some loan calculators do not take into account the possibility of a down payment on a loan. Considering all the shortcomings, it should be noted that the data shown by the loan calculator may be much less or more than real data. Although a personal loan calculator does not provide the most accurate data, it can be an excellent assistant when paying off the loan.

A personal loan calculator will help you assess the possibilities by showing you how much you need to pay per month. Moreover, you can do this right at home which significantly saves time. Having weighed your possibilities of monthly payments, you can decide whether to apply for a loan or not.

Top Personal Loan Calculators 2021 

If you want to know accurately how much you can borrow, use the following personal loan calculator. It will help you to estimate how much you need to pay off a loan. will help you prepare to cover any unexpected expenses, do home renovations, or consolidate debt. personal loan calculator is an online tool to calculate the EMI amount each month, the total interest amount, the total repayment amount, and the payment schedule over a period of time of a loan amount to meet your urgent needs.

This personal loan calculator calculates your monthly payment and total interest based on the purchase price, down payment, interest rate, and term.


This personal loan calculator will calculate the regular monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly loan payment and the total interest paid over the term of the loan.

You just need to specify the personal loan amount, interest rate, and desired length of stay to find out the cost of your EMI. You can select these values using the range sliders, which makes the process easy. This calculator decodes the values and produces results in real time.

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