Top 6 Must-Do’s in Corfu, Greece

Top 6 Must-Do’s in Corfu, Greece

Are you thinking of visiting Corfu? If so, you are in for a treat!

Corfu, also known as Kerkyra, is the most northern and second largest of the Ionian Islands. It’s also the most popular, and for good reason. It has a rich history and culture, having been controlled by multiple foreign powers over the years including the Venetians, the French, and the British.

But it’s history isn’t the only thing that makes this island impressive. Travel north and you’ll find wide open, mountainous areas. Are you more of a beach person? Give the south a try for its beautiful coastlines and clear waters. 

Because Corfu is a travel hot spot, you’ll find lots of things to do and a wide variety of accommodations, including bed and breakfasts and apartment stays. For a more sophisticated vacation, try out Corfu Villas for a touch of luxury on your visit to these beautiful islands. 

Wherever you lay your head down at night, here are six things you must do if you’re planning a stay in Corfu, Greece.

1. Get Your Feet Wet at Corfu’s Best Beaches

If you’re traveling to Greece for the beaches, Corfu won’t disappoint. With more than 130 miles of coastline, there is no shortage of beaches to choose from. 

Home to six incredible beaches, Paleokastritsa is the most popular village for beach lovers. Whether you’re looking for sandy, rocky and pebbly, crowded or quiet, consider giving some of these beaches a visit:

  • Agia Triada
  • Agios Spyridonas
  • Agios Petros 
  • Ambelaki 
  • Platakia 

2. See the Vlacherna Monastery

The Vlacherna Monastery, a popular tourist destination, makes up its very own island. The island is connected to the mainland via a stone pier, making it easy to get to. 

Though the building no longer functions as a monastery, the church inside is open to tourists and is used for celebrations. You might also like to visit the souvenir shop out in the yard. 

With the monastery being the only building on the tiny islet, it likely won’t be a full day trip. However, you can combine the visit with a boat trip to nearby Pontikonisi (Mouse Island). 

3. Explore Pontikonisi (Mouse Island)

Pontikonisi is yet another famous tourist spot for its picturesque beauty. You can catch a five-minute boat ride from the Vlacherna Monastery to the legendary Mouse Island, where you’ll find lots of lush green pine and cypress trees. 

If you’re wondering where the nickname “Mouse Island” comes from, it’s because of its tiny size. That said, there’s still plenty to do. Aside from taking in the beauty, you can climb the stairs and visit the small monastery where you’ll find a cafe and a souvenir shop. 

4. Wander Around the Old Town of Corfu

For a more urban trip, you’ll definitely want to check out Old Town of Corfu, a medieval-style city located between two fortresses. 

Here are some things to do in the Old Town of Corfu:

  • Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Center to see the Venetian and Neoclassical houses
  • Take a peek at the Statue of Georgios Theotokis
  • Walk around Liston, the pedestrian street in the city
  • Visit the Old Fortress, constructed by the Venetians in the 15th century
  • Relax in Spilias Square, the coastal area between the Central Corfu Port and Mouragia
  • Visit Saint Spyridon Church, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral

5. Discover the Historic Achilleion Palace

If you love history, a visit to Achilleion Palace will be perfect for you. Situated within Gastouri, the palace was built in 1890 as a summer retreat for Elizabeth, the former Empress of Austria. 

This magnificent palace is now open to tourists to explore and marvel at its beauty. 

6. Visit the Paleokastritsa Monastery

Above the beach of Paleokastritsa, you’ll find the Paleokastritsa Monastery dedicated to Panagia (Virgin Mary). Built on top of a remote hill, you’ll find a gorgeous view of the island and the sea. 

The monastery consists of a small brotherhood of eight monks who offer tours of the lush green gardens and beautiful buildings. Because the monastery is surrounded by olive trees, the monks cultivate olives and press their own olive oil, which you can find in local shops.

Visit Corfu

With tons of small islands and beaches, your visit to Corfu, Greece will be filled with lots to do. Take in the luscious beauty, learn about its history, visit the local cafes and restaurants in the old town, or relax by one of the many beaches.

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