Top 7 Travel Trends of 2021

Top 7 Travel Trends of 2021

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted several sectors and changed the world. The Travel Industry was massively affected by the guidelines following the virus outbreak. This has forced the industry to accelerate innovations within the industry to respond to the needs, expectations, and travel trend changes.

The virus has changed the way people look at travel and vacations with travelers cautious of the people they are placing their safety on and that of their family. Trust and safety levels have been of great focus with the world recovering from the pandemic in 2021. The industry has resorted to regenerative tourism and travel options and trends preferred by travelers.

With travel innovations springing up, the world has embraced new travel and holiday trends in 2021. The following are the top holiday trends in 2021.

1. Slow Travel

This type of travel is gaining popularity with an emphasis on visiting tourists staying at a destination long-term. They get the opportunity and time to explore their destination, interact with the local people and their culture. Travelers make slow travel trends of booking holidays for 2 weeks to 3 months. 

2. Holiday Homes

The pandemic has led to more emphasis on hygiene, personal and sufficient space, and cleanliness. Travelers now seek a rental holiday home that will give them needed control and privacy. This has led to an increased demand in holiday homes: services like Bluepillow for example are very useful for helping you find exactly what you are looking for. 

3. Small groups

With a lot of focus on risks and family safety on vacations and holidays, travelers are now seeking more secluded destinations with reduced demographics. People are now traveling in smaller groups and engaging in safe and open activities in gardens and open fields. This reduces the risks of contracting and spreading the virus and also giving people breathing space.

4. Vans and glamping

The pandemic led to travel restrictions leading to the preference for domestic holidays. There has been an increase in rental vans bookings. People are going for road trips and camping instead of air. This gives travelers a sense of home and freedom. Van and glamping come with advantages like cooking, showering, sleeping, and enjoying your private and mobile home.

5. Private islands 

Most people who can afford to rent private islands are booking vacations and trips to various islands. Islands provide exclusive parties and vacations without mixing with a lot of strangers as COVID-19 remains a threat in 2021. 

6. Workstations

People have embraced working remotely with the effects of the virus still raging into 2021. People are now combining vacations and work hence prefer slow vacations. Most people can now extend their experiences by extending their holidays and factoring in remote work. Vacation destinations are improving their communication technology to satisfy such demands.

7. Staycations and domestic travel 

There has been a rise in local travel with most international travel banned. Domestic travel is viable, easier, and safer in 2021 with the coronavirus threat. People have turned to traveling closer to home and familiarising themselves with the cities and enjoying cultural and historic cultures while saving both time and money.

To any form of travel, safety is a very important factor to consider. People are taking more initiative in ensuring their safety by prioritizing their hygiene and following the right guidelines to combat the spread of the virus. 

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