Trade in your old phone and get the new Pixel 6a

(Pocket-lint) – Did you know that Google Store has an option to exchange your old phone for a considerable discount on the latest Pixel 6a? This is an amazing offer intended to make the new model more accessible to all users.

Of course, Google’s birthday is drawing nearer by the day. Not much time is left until then, when we can expect some great offers, possibly even including the latest Pixel models. But until that time, why not take the opportunity to trade in your old device and get a good deal in return?

This article will tell you how to trade in your old phone to get the Pixel 6a.

How to trade in your old phone 

The trade-in system on Google Store is designed to function entirely online. In essence, you can submit an old device, which will be assigned a value. Then, that value will be deducted from the price of the phone you want to buy.

To start the process, you should first visit the Google Store. There, you can select the new Pixel and go to the purchase page. 

On the purchase page, you’ll see the trade-in screen with the option “Start trade-in.” Selecting that option will bring up a short questionnaire about the model and brand of your old device, as well as its condition.

Once you answer those questions, you’ll get an estimate of the device’s value. This estimate is only relevant to the trade-in – your old phone could fetch a larger or smaller price elsewhere.

If you agree with the given estimate, you’ll be able to proceed with the purchase. Google Store will arrange the trade-in via one of their partners.

You won’t need to send your old phone before you receive the new device. This is ideal if you want to trade in the phone you’re still using – getting the new model first will give you enough time to set it up.

Once you send the old device to the trade-in partner, it will undergo an inspection to verify that the phone is indeed in the condition you specified. If the condition matches the description, the estimated value will be credited through the same method you used to buy the new Pixel.

For instance, if you purchased the phone on Google Store with a Visa credit card, the old phone’s value will be credited on that card.

If the inspection finds that the actual condition of the device doesn’t match the description, there’ll be two options.

Either a new estimate will be made and credited, or your phone will be returned. This will depend on whether you chose the option to get the phone back with no credit in case conditions don’t match.

Important considerations when trading in your phone

You’ll need to purchase the Pixel phone with a credit card if you want the refund. You’ll need to send the phone to Google Store’s trade-in partner a maximum of 30 days after your new phone arrives. Otherwise, the trade-in value you got initially won’t be valid.

Next, you don’t have to trade in an old Pixel phone for a new one. Google Store will also accept old Apple, LG, Samsung, and Motorola phones. Note that it’s only possible to trade in one phone per purchase.

When you send your old phone, it should be prepared, packed, and shipped in a specific manner. The exact process is described in the trade-in kit. The package doesn’t have to contain cables, chargers, or other accessories you used with the old phone. However, you can send those to Google Store for recycling.

If you want to read up further on the trade-in option, you can find the relevant information and the best possible deals on the following pages:

UK Trade-in

DE Trade-in

Getting the Best deals from Google Store

Trading in your old phone will be the best way to get the new Pixel 6a at a lower price. Using the links above you can get up to £250 or €300 off the price of a Pixel 6a by trading in your phone before 30 September 2022.

Naturally, there’s more to expect from Google Store in the following month. Google’s birthday is coming on 9 September and, if previous birthday deals are anything to go by, there’ll be some exciting discounts and offers on that day. 

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