Ultimate Movie Recommendations for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Whether you’re looking for an epic holiday movie or an entertaining movie for a night in with your family, these recommendations will be sure to please. The following films are rated PG and come from various genres, including comedy, romance, action, and drama.

You’ve Got Mail

Whether you’re planning to host Thanksgiving dinner or want to watch a movie, you can check out one of these holiday-themed movies for a little inspiration. Many of these movies will offer a variety of lessons about family dynamics and gratitude. You’ll also find many that are funny, witty, and enjoyable. You’ve Got Mail is a romantic comedy set at Thanksgiving. It stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as online lovers. They fall in love with each other despite unlikely circumstances. You’ve Got Mail also includes a classic Thanksgiving shopping scene. In addition to shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll also see adultery, alcoholism, and suburban ennui. The movie also features a funny host, Ike Barinholtz. You’ll want to check out sites like if you’re looking for Thanksgiving movie recommendations that are more purely a feel-good story.

Funny People

Choosing the perfect movie to watch during the holidays can be tricky. Fortunately, there are a few options. Among them are Funny People, a clever combination of humor and a serious topic.

The movie, which has a surprisingly large budget, has plenty to recommend it. This is the one that shows a man giving a satirical toast at Thanksgiving dinner. The movie also features several other noteworthy moments. The most memorable scene is where the overbearing father-in-law is confused. The movie also boasts a great soundtrack. It might be a stretch to say that a movie is a good slam dunk, but it isn’t all that bad. The movie features an impressive cast. The main character is a guy named Marty. He has a pretty wacky sister.

One True Thing

One True Thing is an adaptation of Anna Quindlen’s novel. It’s about a woman who cares for her mother, who is terminally ill. It’s also about the importance of family in diverse American life.

The movie’s a good choice for Thanksgiving. It has a strong cast, including Meryl Streep, Renee Zellweger, William Hurt, Tom Everett Scott, and Paul Rudd. One True Thing is a tear-jerker, and it’s not for teens. However, it’s a film that’s well-judged artistically. It’s a thoughtful film that will make you ugly cry. Ultimately, it’s a film about family, relationships, and parenthood. The movie isn’t very commercial, and it’s not going to make a lot of money. It won’t appeal to teens, but it is a film that makes the audience think about how families are interconnected.


Among the best horror movies of the year, Midsommar features a powerhouse performance from Florence Pugh. Director Ari Aster’s sophomore feature has a haunting tone and a fascinating exploration of midsummer traditions in Sweden. It also features a series of shockingly unforgettable set pieces. Midsommar centers on a group of friends who travel to Sweden to attend a midsummer festival. As they explore the countryside, they find strange goings-on in the forest. Eventually, they are captured by a mysterious pagan cult. In Midsommar, Pugh plays Dani, a young woman who has lost her parents to a tragic accident. She is devastated and leans on Christian for support. But he is worried about her sister, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Eventually, he invites her to Sweden for a special festival.

Lez Bomb

A young woman (Jenna Laurenzo) comes out to her family during Thanksgiving. To do so, she invites her boyfriend (Tiffany Haddish) over for a holiday. This leads to some complications, though.

Jenna Laurenzo is an accomplished writer/director. She has also written and directed the 2015 short film Girl Night Stand, which attracted millions of viewers on YouTube. She is currently working on several television projects. She is also developing a feature film. Lez Bomb is a comedy/drama centered around a young lesbian trying to come out to her family. The movie has a stellar cast. It also delivers a message of love and tolerance.


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