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Um, Literally What Do You Talk About With the Person You Live With?

The other day, I was chatting with a school mom, who told me that her husband had started heading into work at an empty office. At first, she said, she was bummed because she wanted his help with the kids at home, but she realized it was worth it for one important reason…

“We now have something to talk about in the evenings,” she told me, the thrill of excitement in her voice. “Like, if he goes on the subway or, maybe, sees a bird…”

It made me laugh so much because the same is true in our apartment. Since we’re not seeing people or doing much outside of the house, we don’t have much to report at the end of each day. So, our conversation topics have become increasingly (and hilariously) random.

Alex and I have started describing our dreams to each other (“So, it was our house but not like our house…”) and last night I showed him how if I pull my right hand with my left hand, my right wrist will crack. Then I made him wait until I did it enough times for it to work.

So, I’m curious: Are you the same? What are you talking about these days with your roommates or significant others or parents or whomever you are living with? Are you heading into random territory? If you are craving conversation starters, here’s a post we did (pre-pandemic!) about 12 questions to ask your significant other at dinner. Or are you living alone? Or do you leave the house for work or other reasons? I’d love to hear…

P.S. Conversation starters in the winter, and 8 things I’ve learned about marriage.

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