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Unleash the Song in Your Heart Without Leaving the Building


Situated underground within the three high-rise towers that create the newly erected Waterline Square, a condo and rental development in the West 60s at the Hudson River, is a 658-square-foot professional-level music and recording studio, which is part of the Waterline Club.

Jordan Haskins, 31, the director of the Waterline Club, who oversees the residential amenity space, said that during the past year he has worked on six professional recordings with club members and has organized jam sessions with several residents. (Mr. Haskins said that the building is populated with recognizable names in the music and theatrical industry, but was not at liberty to share any. )

The space offers numerous instruments, a D.J. mixing board, a Trident sound mixer with music production software, and a sound booth for playback and talk back to the performers. The club is free to condo owners, but renters must pay $250 per month ($80 for kids) to use any of the building’s amenities. Reserving it for that post-pandemic album you’ve been dying to cut will cost you $100 per hour.

“To see members who have no music background utilize these spaces and learn an instrument has been touching and powerful,” Mr. Haskins said. In a given week 100 to 175 residents utilize the space for a variety of creative endeavors. “The developers wanted to create a place where anyone could come in and express themselves. This became so important, especially during a time when people needed an artistic outlet and had been suppressed. It’s been very valuable.”

(Prices for condos available in December began at $4.04 million for a two-bedroom condo and rose to $27 million for the development’s last-remaining five-bedroom penthouse. Rentals began at $5,873 month for a one-bedroom and $22,145 a month for a four-bedroom.)

Other harmonious residential moments can be found at: Two Fifty West 81st Street, where amenities include a music room, a recording studio with a mixing board, sound booth, and a selection of instruments; 575 Fourth Avenue, in Brooklyn, which houses a soundproof music room with professional-grade equipment, instruments and a recording platform; and the Vandewater, in Morningside Heights, which features a soundproof room and a performance stage.

The Quay Tower, in Brooklyn, is in a partnership with the Brooklyn Music School, which helped influence the construction of their music room, complete with a baby grand piano. The school also teaches monthly classes for residents, including jazz, vocal arts, percussion, and music therapy. (The ukulele class was a surprise hit.) Professors can also be hired to give private lessons.

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