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Upgrade The Basic Box Spring Cover with These Clever Ideas

Box spring comes in the hospitality supplies. Box spring is a component of the bed. Box spring can be said as a framework to support the mattress of the bed. There are springs also in the box spring. This box spring should be covered because if it is not covered then it looks bad and also ruins the room decor.

Clever Ways to Cover the Box Spring

There are some clever ways in which people can cover the box spring wrap and these ways will also look damn good on the bed. Some of these ways are as follows:

Bed Skirt

A bed skirt is a long piece of cloth, this cloth can be tucked on the sides to cover the box spring. This bed skirt is available in many colors but the most common color that is used is the white color. The bed skirt falls to the bottom of the box spring, covering it from every side. With the bed skirt, the bed also looks good and gets some classy touch to it.


A bed canopy can also be added to the bed. Adding the bed canopy will fully cover the box spring and this method will bring more beauty to the bed. Canopy will give a bed a very vintage look. People who want to get their box spring covered and also like the vintage theme can get a canopy on their bed. This way they will be killing two birds with the same arrow.

Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets can also be applied to the box spring to cover them. These fitted sheets are tucked inside the box spring. So it gives a very fitted, clean, and neat finish to the box spring. And as these fitted sheets are fit to the box spring, they also do not get loose from any corner of the box spring so there is no continuous fixing of the sheet.

Lengthy Sheets

People can also use lengthy sheets to cover their box spring. People simply need to put the lengthy bed sheet on their bed and it will fall in such a way that it will hide the box spring too. This way the bed will have a nice look on itself.

Storage Cabinets

People can also keep storage Cabinets beside the box spring. This way the box spring will also get covered and people will also have some extra space to keep their belongings in. People can keep the bed essentials in those storage cabinets so that they do not have to go far places to get the bedsheets and pillow covers when they need to be changed.

Wooden Bed Frames

As in a hotel, mostly all the almirahs and other items are made up of wood, so the hotels can look for wooden bed frames to cover the box spring. The color of the wood should be matched with the other things of the hotel and a bed frame that goes with the bed should be applied to the bed to cover the box spring.


So these are some of how people can upgrade their cover of the box spring. Sometimes box spring wraps are also used to cover the box spring.


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