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Viral: Internet Wrote Off This Strange Pasta Dish As “Shreks Dinner”; Do You Agree?

Bizarre spaghetti pasta picture went viral.


  • A Facebook user posted a strange pic of spaghetti bolognese.
  • The pasta was in deep blue colour topped with bolognese mixture.
  • The picture of this unusual pasta dish went viral.

Have you been amused by all those bizarre food experiments that have been making shock waves all through 2021 and continuing to date? Trust us to keep bringing to you the weirdest of the dishes that spring up on the internet causing nothing less than a furore. A unique Spaghetti Bolognese dish is attracting the wrath of foodies online, and by looking at this unusual-looking pasta dish, we are forced to agree with all. It looked unpleasant; in fact, many people are calling it ‘Shrek’s dinner’. This name alone gives you a hint what the dish would look like. But we won’t let you keep on guessing, we are sharing everything about it right here.

One user, Gwen W, posted a picture of the Spaghetti Bolognese on Facebook page ‘Rate My Plate’ where people keep sharing pictures of interesting meals that they cooked, to be judged by fellow users. Gwen W shared the picture of her meal and called it “Classic Spag Bol by Gwen W.” The dish had spaghetti pasta in deep blue colour topped with a Bolognese meat sauce.

Take a look –


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The blue colour of the pasta reminded people of the famous cartoon character ‘Shrek’ and called the meal as ‘Shrek’s Dinner’. Nevertheless, the post went viral with more than 400 likes and 7500 comments, and hundreds of shares.

Irritated followers poured in their attacking comments:
“Every once in a while, a creative person takes a chance to create something beautiful and shares it with the world. This is not one of those times.”
“If Covid-19 was a meal”
“Shrek will be pleased you cooked him dinner.”
“Is this that there contemporary art? Cowpat in a sea of blue raspberry laces”
“Last time I checked, Gwen, green wasn’t a classic colour!”
“I think that spaghetti might be a few decades out of date”
“Did you cook the spaghetti in Listerine”


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However, there were some from the lot who appreciated the novelty of the dish. One of them wrote, “Love it my nephew used to always have his pasta coloured, the only way he would eat it.”

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