Watch Everything Announced at AMD’s CES Kick-Off Keynote – Video

Speaker 1: Welcome to c e s 2023. I am so happy to see you here today.

Speaker 2: I’m very excited to announce that we are now bringing 3D V cash technology to our rise in 7,000 processors. The rise in 7 7800 X 3D is eight cores. 16 threads up to five gigahertz frequency and 104 megabytes of cash, [00:00:30] which more than doubles the cash compared to the rise in 7,700 x non three, uh, non X 3D version. The 7,800 X 3D delivers on average 15% more performance than the 5,800 X 3D across popular games. So for tonight, I’m very happy to announce that we’re also bringing 3D VC technology to 12 and 16 core rising 7,000 processors.

Speaker 2: We’ve been working hard on this. The Verizon 9 79 50 [00:01:00] X 3D is our first 16 core horizon processor with VC cash technology and our fastest 3D stack chip ever. It features 16 high performance CPU cores boost speeds up to 5.7 gigahertz and a huge 144 megabyte cash in 10 80 p gaming performance versus the competition. You can see that the 79 50 X 3D is faster across a wide range of games, consistently delivering much higher frames per second, which makes [00:01:30] this the ultimate processor for gamers and creators officers. The new seventy eight hundred seventy nine hundred and seventy nine fifty X 3D parts will launch in February, and we are also launching new low power 65 watt rise in 7,000 processors, and an expanded portfolio of entry level am five motherboards that will make risen the best CPU at every price point in the desktop market. So today I’m very proud to announce the all new rise in 70 40 series [00:02:00] Woo industry’s first mobile X 86 processor to integrate a dedicated on-chip AI engine, which we call Rise in ai. It features up to eight Zencorp Zen four cores, our latest R D N three graphics and our new rise in AI engine that runs four dedicated AI streams Simultaneously. Here is the all-new 70 40

Speaker 2: That the [00:02:30] rise in 70 40 is significantly faster than both our X 86 competition as well as Apple. What we’re showing here is a time lapsed video of the popular blender rendering application. On the right is our top of Stack Rise, 70 40 CPU with apple’s best in the middle, and Intel’s highest end ultra thin chip on the left. And I’m gonna let the demo go for just a little bit, just a little bit.

Speaker 2: [00:03:00] The rise in 70 40 series will enable more than 30 hours of battery life. The rise in 70 45 HX series is our first mobile CPU based on a triplet design. It’s for gamers and creators who want the highest possible performance in a notebook. Launching our first products in laptops with our new Radian RX 7,000 mobile GPUs and what we’re doing here. The first trip in the series, the RX 7,000 series for gaming and creator laptops is the new Radian 7,600 [00:03:30] MX T. Our Instinct, m i 300 is the first trip that brings together a data center, cpu, GPU, and memory into a single integrated design. What this allows us to do is share system resources for the memory and io and it results in a significant increase in performance and efficiency as well as it’s much easier to program. I am super proud to show you MI 300 for the very, very first time.

Speaker 2: This is actually the [00:04:00] most complex chip we’ve ever built. It has nine five nanometer triplets that are 3D stacked on top of four six nanometer triplets with, um, significant HBM surrounding it, and it has more than 146 billion transistors. So medical imaging is another area where AMD technology is dramatically improving patient care, whether it’s CT scans or ultrasounds. Our adaptive SOCs and F PGAs are used to create high resolution scans [00:04:30] in real time to diagnose medical conditions as early as possible. And tonight, we are announcing new VIT medical Imaging libraries that will make it even easier for medical device manufacturers to offer high resolution imaging at 1000 frames per second or more. Thank you for being such a great audience here in Las Vegas, and thank you to everyone watching online. Have a great night.

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