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Watch: This Sooji-Gur Malpua Is Just The Dish To Relish Before Bidding Adieu To Winters

Gur is best enjoyed during the winters and probably we all will agree to it! Have it with hot paratha and achar or in form of dessert (gur ki kheer, pitha etc) – jaggery is just irresistible. Besides its sweet taste, gur, especially the fresh one available during the winters, has a rich aroma that adds lots of flavour to the dish you add it in. Moreover, it is loaded with several essential nutrients and helps keep you warm from within. Hence, before the winter ends in a month, we bring you a unique jaggery-based sweet-treat that will leave you wanting for more. It is called gur ki malpua (or sooji-gur malpua).

Malpua is one popular dessert that has a dedicated fan base across India. A crunchy pancake made out of flour, banana, milk, fennel seeds and dunked in sugar syrup – crunchy, yet juicy – malpua spells indulgence. Sprucing up the regular recipe, here we have sooji-gur malpua that is sure to add some flavour to the season.

How To Make Sooji-Gur Malpua | Gur Ki Malpua Recipe:

This recipe has been shared by vlogger Parul Jain on her YouTube Channel ‘Cook With Parul’. All you need to prepare this winter-special malpua are sooji, jaggery, sugar, salt, cardamom powder, water (to bind) and ghee (to fry).

Unlike the regular malpua recipe, here you have to prepare soft dough with all the ingredients and then roll-out small poori-sized roundels out it. Then, heat ghee in a kadhai and deep fry. This will give the dish a crunchy texture from outside and a soft and fluffy texture from within. This cooking style is generally followed while preparing Bengali pitha or Odisha’s famour kakara. Hence, you can also refer to this dish sooji-gur pitha.   Whatever the name be, this sweet dish just spells indulgence. Let’s find out the recipe details.



Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video Of Winter Special Sooji-Gur Malpua:

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