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Watch: Viral Butter Tea From Agra Scars Chai Lovers Of Internet

Watch: Viral 'Butter Tea' From Agra Scars Chai Lovers Of Internet

The idea of ‘butter tea’ may not be that alien after all


  • Butter tea from Agra has gone viral on the Internet
  • The video shows man adding blobs of butter to tea
  • Butter tea is actually a fairly common Himalayan recipe

Out of the many vocal foodies on the internet, there are very a few like the ardent ‘chai lovers’. From memes to videos, chai lovers will go to any extent to prove that there is no beverage quite like it, and will break the internet if they watch their favourite beverage being tampered in any way. Remember how intense things got when a renowned publication tried to give a recipe of ‘Chai latte’? Another such incident has triggered the tea lovers of the internet, the viral video of @foodieagraaa where the tea-maker is seen adding blobs of salted butter to a pot full of boiling tea has garnered a gamut of reactions on the Instagram.  “End is near”, wrote a user, “Thode pav bhaji bhi daal dete (might as well add some pav bhaji to it)”, commented another.

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The video which was shot at ‘Baba Tea Stall’, near Rambabu Parathe Belagung Agra, has gone viral for the unusual take on chai, but what if we tell you that the recipe is not unusual at all. Butter tea has been a popular beverage in parts of Nepal, Bhutan, North India and Tibet since time immemorial, the only difference being the use of unsalted butter in place of salted butter. 


Butter tea is one of Baba Tea Stall’s hot-selling items, would you try this unique beverage, or will you pass? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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