What Is BOC-3 And Why You Need It

If you want to get trucking authority, it also includes filing your BOC-3. The BOC-3 stands for the blanket of coverage. A special person called an agent is designated for your company that can file the legal documents on your behalf. If you want to get that coverage, you need an efficient BOC-3 processing agent.

But it is very hard to find the right agent. Because there is a matter of trust involved in this process. Sometimes, your company is in trouble and faces legal actions, at that occasion if you have a trusted and capable agent, you can get peace of mind.

As you know, the motor carrier authority can be done by yourself but BOC-3 can only be filed by a process agent designated by the carrier. Here are a few things which you consider before choosing the BOC-3 agent for you. let’s start

What Is a Processing Agent?

A processing agent can be a person or a company that works on your behalf regarding legal documents. You have to apply for the as you know, when you apply for the motor carrier authority, FMCSA makes sure everything about your company. If you remain on the road most of the time, the authorities can check whether you are accessible or not.

So, you have to provide a permanent address where you can easily get the notices from the official authority. For instance, if you are not reachable then some issues can arise. So, the processing agent always should be in range.

Why You Need BOC-3

If you need motor carrier authority, you should file a BOC-3 because it is part of it. Besides that, it is also part of the MC number. As you know, BOC-3 is necessary for all types of motor carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders. So, regardless of the company’s location, you should have the BOC-3 where you are doing your operations. In every part of each state, you need the BOC-3 processing agent.

Besides that, you can hire a blanket process agent that covers your business operations in each state. But if you hire the proper company, then you can get the additional benefits and good management services. Because the company has many processing agents in almost all states. In this way, you can avoid frustration.

Procedure to File a BOC-3

Whether you are a broker or freight forwarder, you must need a processing agent to file BOC-3. If you don’t have BOC-3, your MC number also will be deactivated or dismissed. When you apply for the BOC-3, you have to keep a copy of the BOC form so that you can show it as proof whenever needed. Besides that, it also shows that you have the processing agent who is working on your behalf.

Can You File for BOC-3

You are not allowed to file for the BOC-3 on your own and it is illegal. Because if you have the motor carrier, you travel in all states and don’t have the physical location. So, the government wants a special agent or company to whom they can communicate in your absence.

There is only one way when you can apply on your own. If you are a broker or freight forwarder, you have to apply in every state. But if you have a plan to drive the truck for your company, you couldn’t file for the BOC-3 process.

Budget to File a BOC-3

The cost of BOC-3 depends on the processing agent. This is your choice to choose the processing agent. Whether you can pick the company for this purpose or can choose the processing agent in each state in which you want to run your business.

Benefits of Hiring Company

There are multiple benefits of hiring a company for all procedures. Let’s start

  • You can get the operating authority
  • Easily accessible
  • You can avoid the legal action
  • You can prevent the delay in the process
  • BOC-3 processing agent will be at your service
  • Help in safety audit
  • They can handle your all paperwork


If you want to get BOC-3 especially, you should consider the above-mentioned factors. Otherwise, you can indulge in some kind of legal action. Besides that, if you want to keep your business on the road, you should hire a professional and trusted company.


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