What is cement mixer and for what purpose it is used?

A cement mixer is also known as concrete mixer. The first recorded version of the portable concrete mixer was horse-drawn. It was patented in 1904, by a German inventor called Richard Bodlaender. He gave it the name of ‘Mortar Mixer’. It is a device that is used to mix cement and aggregate such as sand and water to form concrete. Concrete mixers are the devices that are capable of preparing concrete mixtures of varying strength precisely as well as quickly. This mixer may have 7 to 18 gears or may be automatic or manual. Price of concrete mixer machine vary between $65,000 to $125,000.

Parts of cement mixer:

Different types of cement mixers are available in market and these machines are made of different parts. Main parts of cement mixer machines are described below:

  • Mixing drum.
  • Oil pump.
  • Concrete cylinders.
  • Hydraulic Valve group cleaning.
  • Diesel engine.
  • Electric control system.

Types of cement mixer:

There are many types of cement mixer. One is hand held mixer and the other is electric cement mixer. In this article we will discuss main features of these mixers.

Hand held mixer:

VIVO HOME 110V 1600W Electric Hand held Cement Mixer is the best mixer. This hand held cement mixer has two levels of speed, one is 150 to 300 rpm and the other is 300 to 650 rpm. It has 1.9 kW high power, 300*600mm paddle. This type of mixer is suitable for cement, paint, mortar, concrete, putty powder, gypsum, etc. It may have rated power of almost 1900 Watt. The weight of this hand held mixer is 10 kg.

Advantage of electric cement mixer:

There are many advantages of electric cement mixer. Some of these advantages are desribed below:

  • Make the composition of the cement uniform macroscopically and microscopically.
  • Destroy the cluster of cement particles and promote the development of dispersion and destroy the initial hydrate film coating on the surface of cement particles.
  • Promote collision and friction between material particles, reduce the impact of dust film.

How to  repair hand held electric cement mixture??

Here we have discussed some tips that can help you in the maintenance of  hand held mixer:

  • When the hand held electric cement paint mixer breaks down, you should not need to give it for repairing immediately but you should first understand the process and phenomenon of the fault and then check the electric cement mixer for obvious cracks and defects.
  • As in some cases dust accumulates on the buttons of electric cement paint mixer and they don’t work properly. So you should clean its buttons, check connection points and contact points first.
  • Many times the fault is in power supply. So first adjusting the power supply can help you in maintaining the mixer.
  • You should  understand the maintenance history, service life and other points of the mixer because knowing everything about it can help you in knowing the real cause  of its damage. After knowing its how know you should inspect inside of the machine.
  • After confirming that the mechanical parts are not faulty, carry out electrical inspections. When the handheld electric cement mixeris not powered on, judge the state of its buttons, transformers, thermal relays and fuses to know the fault location.


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