Who could be the next team to make blockbuster move?

Why Colts, Niners could be next teams to snag new QB originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Now that the first two quarterback dominos fell in one blockbuster trade, NFL fans just want to know who’s next. Pundits have billed this offseason as potentially the biggest in league history in terms of quarterbacks switching teams, so the excitement on social media is palpable. People are clearly having a great time sharing mock trades back and forth, and critiquing each others’ dream trade scenarios. But on NBC Sports Chicago’s “Countdown to Kickoff” show, The Athletic’s Mike Sando said people shouldn’t be focusing on specific players when speculating what the next big move may be.

“I would look at it through the lens of, who really needs one?” Sando said. “I think Indy is clearly the team that needs one. Their owner has been out there talking about how, ‘Oh, we got this good roster. We’re just a verteran quarterback away. Hey, Andrew Luck if you want to come back we’ll take you!’ I mean those are interesting comments.

“I wasn’t surprised they weren’t all-in on Stafford, because it’s not really Chris Ballard’s way to throw a bunch of picks around. But I think they’ve got to be in on somebody. Is it really going to be a cheaper Sam Darnold type? Or are they making a run?”

“The other team is the 49ers. Their coach Kyle Shanahan has had Matt Ryan as an MVP. He’s been known to like Kirk Cousins. He was there when they got Garoppolo, but it was sort of an opportunity. It wasn’t like he was the guy he always had to have, and Garoppolo’s missed so many games that I think you’d really have to look at for Ryan, or somebody like that.”

Sure, Matt Ryan’s a big name, and there’s definitely intrigue to see what Darnold can do outside of the Jets offense. But let’s be honest, we’re here for the crown jewel of the offseason: Deshaun Watson. Unfortunately for the impatient folks of Twitter, Sando says don’t hold your breath.

“Well, I would think the Deshaun Watson one would drag out a while. I wouldn’t think there’d be a push by the team to give up on him until they know for sure how serious he is. If he really wants to carry this all the way through, it’s a long time before he starts losing money, and that’s really the test. I think they would be reluctant to do something sooner. You never know, they’ve been a weird team that’s traded people. So that one you think would take a little bit of time, if the Texans are smart.”

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