Why a Road Trip is Better Than Flying

Why a Road Trip is Better Than Flying

We all have the itch to travel right now and there has been no better time to explore locations around us rather than overseas, with all of the current restrictions in place. 

If it is legal for you to travel (i.e. you are not subject to any lockdown or stay at home orders) why not consider a road trip for your next holiday? 

If you need further convincing to take a road trip, read on! 

Planes are wonderful for getting from destination to destination, but the beauty of road trips lies in their journey. Road trips are full of adventure and offer more possibilities than flying does. 

With road trips, you are constantly “travelling” -with your eyes, your senses, and you can always stop whenever you want to further immerse yourself in your surroundings. 

You can experience more on a road trip than flying, unless of course you want to struggle to sleep, try not to rip your hair out because of the kid behind you kicking your seat, or browse in-flight movie services for an hour before landing on a classic movie you’ve already seen about ten times. 

When planning your road trip make sure you have insurance covered, and be reassured that a local mechanic can assist you if you run into any sticky situations. 

You are the master of your own schedule! You can get in the car and go whenever you want to. 

Whether it is a day trip away, weekend adventuring, or a longer holiday, you are bound by no time other than perhaps an annual leave schedule coupled with any date-specific attractions you might want to see. 

Your road trip can start before sunrise, at noon, at 9pm, whenever you want. The freedom of time is valuable, you don’t have to wait hours at an airport before embarking on your adventure.

If you have to change your plans, they’re arguably a lot easier to change when you’re on a road trip rather than flying. Relying on planes and being bound to strict dates and times makes it hard to reschedule. 

If you don’t like a place, you can keep traveling on. Did you make a rough outline of where you thought you’d want to be but actually want to spend more time in one place rather than another? Or you need to leave a place earlier than you expected? Easy, get in and off you go! No waiting or extra fees required like when you fly.  

When you are on a road trip you can explore many new places, and discover hidden gems while you’re at it! There is no greater feeling than stopping in a random town and exploring it for a few hours. 

Quaint places off the beaten track adds to the charm of a holiday. Whether it be finding little cafes in alleyways, local festivals, small local businesses with fresh produce, a secluded lagoon, or an amazing cliff-side at the end of a bushwalk; the opportunity to discover things you mightn’t have before is great. 

You can engage in local communities by going to local events, market stalls, community walks, and artist nights. Meeting new people along the way is so special, and some connections formed on road trips are for life. 

You’ll have amazing stories to share with your family and friends upon your return, and something different from the usual stories they might hear! 

You can pack as much or as little as you want! 

If you’re off on an athletic adventure, you can bring along things like a surfboard, bike, paddleboard with ease. Travelling with these heavy duty belongings is much easier on road trips compared to flying, and it’s less expensive too! 

You can carry essential items with you from place to place without having to leave them in different locations, like scissors or razors. You can also pack full-sized body wash for the whole trip, which is a lot more eco-friendly and budget-friendly than ‘travel-size’ toiletries. 

Depending on where you are travelling and what your accommodation situation is, you could even bring your fluffy companion along with you for the trip! Do your research on dog-friendly campsites, AirBnB’s, or other forms of accommodation just to ensure your floof isn’t caught off guard.

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