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It can seem like everything changes the minute you find out you are expecting, and you will have an additional member in the family. Parenthood can be strange at times. From this moment on, everything you do can be geared towards ensuring the best for your child, putting their needs first. It’s a full-time job and one that comes with its fair share of ups and downs. New moms can find that much of their existence becomes devoted entirely to their child, with their needs and aspirations taking the backburner.

You might have put much of your life on pause to care for your child, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Continuing your education after parenthood can seem like a huge undertaking, but this decision can benefit you and your child immensely in the long run. Keep reading below if you’re looking for tips to make it easier.

Go for flexible options

One of the biggest reasons many women end up putting off their degrees is the generally inflexible schedule that traditional degrees have. Attending classes every day, often extending to the evenings, can be impossible when you have a child at home, even if you have additional help.

Additionally, completing projects, trips, taking tests, and completing coursework can be a huge challenge when you’re also fulfilling your parenting duties.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no better options. Online degree options are extremely flexible and excellent for moms looking to continue their education. With an online degree, you can study and complete all your coursework without compromising your parenting duties. There is no shortage of programs you can complete online. Pursue your goals. If you hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering, one of the best options could be an Online Electrical Engineering Master’s Degree to further your career.

Ask for help

Getting extra help is the best way to give 100% to your degree and your child. It can be extremely challenging to manage both simultaneously if you have no one handling things with you. Dividing duties is essential, and your partner is the best person to turn to. Ideally, you should have divided parenting duties regardless of your continuing education. Doing so can give your child a chance to bond better with both parents and give you some breathing room.

You can ask your partner to handle your child when you’re attending class or catching up on coursework. Additionally, getting their help is vital at night because you must get some sleep to perform well academically. If you’re a single mom, asking a family member for help when you’re busy can be the best alternative. This way, you don’t have to spend on expensive babysitters.

Stay organized

Even when you have the extra help, it can be a lot to handle your studies and your child at the same time. If you don’t stay organized, it can be easy to feel like you’re always drowning in work. You might end up neglecting your schoolwork until it all piles up, and it can be extremely challenging to catch up later.

Instead, consider staying organized and planning your months ahead from the get-go. A daily planner can help you keep track of your parenting duties and schoolwork together. Starting on assignments and studying for any assessments before the due date can reduce your burden immensely. Studying in smaller chunks instead of trying to cram everything in one go can help retention and help you be much more successful academically. This way, you won’t ever feel rushed and can be on top of things even if something suddenly comes up.

Focus on your goals

Even if you do everything right, juggling a higher-education degree and parenting can be pretty exhausting. At times, you will have moments when you seriously reconsider your choices. If you don’t have reasonable goals in mind, it can be easy to back out and give up. So, it’s important to have clearly defined goals before you start your degree.

Focusing on the right reasons can help you power through even when you’re exhausted. Whether you’re studying due to passion or for personal and professional development, it’s vital to have a clear picture of what this degree will do for you. It can also help to remember that your degree can have a huge impact on your child’s life too, and can give them greater financial stability down the line. It’s also important to remind yourself that parenting isn’t all there is to life and that pursuing personal development is vital to your well-being.

Talk to your institute

When you head back to school as a new mom, you might feel like you’re the odd one out. However, a startling percentage of students pursuing higher education are parents, and it can thus be easier to find help than you imagine. Graduate studies, in particular, have a high level of students who are parents, and you may be able to find several resources on campus to help you adjust.

Many campuses have onsite daycare services, which can help you bring your child along while attending class. You can also find several other child-friendly resources to help you manage both duties simultaneously. Additionally, speaking to other parents in class can help you develop an informal support group where you can all help each other out immensely. Moreover, you can also speak to your professors if you need extra help. You’ll be surprised at how accommodating professors and schools can be when dealing with students with unique circumstances.


Heading back to school as a parent can seem pretty daunting, especially when you want to be fully devoted to your education and your child. By following these tips, however, you can ensure that you do your best as a student and a parent. With a little extra help and a lot of dedication, you can follow your dreams and raise your child in the best possible way. The effort you put in now can be beneficial not just for yourself but for your family too.


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