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Your Bathroom Essentials Checklist

Your Bathroom Essentials Checklist

Whether you are switching to your new house or expecting guests, you must keep the bathroom clean and filled with supplies. Whether it’s your bathroom in the master bedroom or the one in the guest room, there should be minimal items for those who want to use it. You must not just go online for bathroom supplies and buy whatever you see. Before making a purchase, you must know whether that item is necessary or not.

Like many others, this article is the right one for you if you struggle to get the important items for the bathroom. Following are some of the essential things for your bathroom, and after reading about them, you can shortlist the items you need to buy.

So the essential bathroom supplies are:

Bath Towels

This one is a no-brainer, and every bathroom must have this item. You can get a set of six to ten towels. And, not all the ten are bath towels; you need just two. The remaining are the hand towels and washcloths. If you like bath sheets, you can pick that too, but the first three are the basics.

Shower Curtain

Whenever you are shopping for shower curtains, you must choose the one that goes with your style and the bathroom decor. For example, if you have a plain white design/paint inside the bathroom, and the tiles and appliances/bath wares are just simplistic, you can go with plain curtains or translucent curtains. The curtains will block the water from spreading over the floor and give you some privacy.

Hand Soap

For many, hand soap is a must in the bathroom. You need to keep a hand soap on the bathroom counter, even if nothing else is present there. Soap can be a multipurpose item, and your partner or guests will appreciate it. You can also buy a battery-operated or rechargeable soap dispenser, which is the new trend.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Whether it’s the main bedroom or guest bedroom, you need to have a toilet bowl cleaner in each one of the rooms. Also, whether the guest is staying there for a week or a day, they will need a personal toilet bowl cleaner and other cleaning stuff.


If you are moving into a new apartment, you must keep all your skincare and makeup products. And if the apartment is basic, you have to put everything product in the bathroom itself. In that case, you need a small cupboard or shelf to keep them safe from the water. You can go online for bathroom supplies like these.

Trash Can

Yes, a trash can is necessary for the bathroom. But, if you have some healthcare and skincare products, there will always be paper and plastic waste. And, when there’s waste, you cannot bring it outside the bathroom and throw it in the kitchen dust bin.

The trash is in the bathroom for the guests’ comfort and easiness f the guests.

Some Music and Decoration Might Do the Final Touch

If you want to make the bathroom time a fun time, especially for your kids, you can let them use the bathtub and play some music using can get a funny bath mat. Put some flowers in the bathroom flower vase to make the place aesthetically pleasing.

You can change your bathroom with a personal touch, and if you are good at designing, you can ask the interior decor to paint it for yourself.

Now that you understand all the points mentioned below.

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