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15 Best Alcohol Advent Calendars to Buy in 2021


As we barrel toward the holidays, many of us are getting into the spirit of the season — or just getting into the spirits, period. And if you want to count down the days in truly festive fashion, you’re going to need an alcohol advent calendar that’s just for grown-ups. Toast with a selection of your favorite frosty beer, chilled hard seltzer, warming sips of wine or ultra-cozy rums and whiskey to celebrate with family and friends. Perfect to help you slow down and savor the days during this frenetic time, or just mark them off on the calendar in a more fun way than stressing over your to-do list, they’re also an ultra-snaggable White Elephant gift idea right around Christmas.

Does your recipient prefers light, crisp wine that sparkles like the lights around your Christmas tree or full-bodied sips that pair perfectly with the figgy pudding? How about selections from craft beer experts or gin connoisseurs that will add a fresh twist to their liquor cabinet? There’s something for everyone on this list of alcohol advent calendars, each offering 12 to 24 treats to help toast the most wonderful time of the year. Also worth noting for the DIY enthusiasts among us, or those with super specific tastes: If you’d like to build your very own alcohol advent calendar, Amazon sells nifty advent boxes (with wine and spirit themes) so you can fill them with whatever you’d like.

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Winter Wonderland Wine Advent Calendar


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Stockings hung? Christmas tree decorated? Something’s missing: It’s Aldi’s much-awaited annual wine advent calendar. Cozy up with 24 tiny bottles (12 different varieties) from this festive pack you can find in select Aldi stores.

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12-Day Beer Advent Calendar

Beer Advent Calendar 2020

Give Them Beer


This collection contains a variety of the highest-rated craft brews, including IPAs, ales and stouts — plus other craft-beer winners from the 2021 season. It might just help you find a new favorite!


24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar

The Whiskey Exchange


We’re brushing up on our tiki cocktail skills just in time for the arrival of the 24 Days of Rum box. It even comes with two rum glasses in the event you prefer to sip slowly rather than play mixologist. 

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12-Day Wine Advent Calendar

12 Nights of Wine

This aptly-named box contains 12 tasty glasses of wine (six reds, two rosés and four whites) to be enjoyed at home. Each box celebrates boundary-breaking women in wine, too. Why not buy one for a friend and go through the 12 nights of fun together?   

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Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

Give Them Beer


You won’t regret this decision. Truly. Don’t miss this advent calendar that boasts 12 of the best hard seltzers of the season. You’re bound to discover some new favorite flavors. 


24-Day Alcohol Advent Calendar

Whiskies of the World



Take a trip around the world without leaving your couch. Each vial of whiskey in this calendar from alcohol subscription club Flaviar comes with tasting notes and a piece of artwork. You’ll experience 24 rare and exclusive whiskies, no choices or trips to the liquor store required. 


7 Bottles of Sparkling Wine

Bubble Box Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar

Bubbly Box


Pop some bottles to celebrate the season – seven, if you’re counting. You’ll journey through some of the most iconic sparkling wine regions of the world with samples from California, Spain, Italy and of course, France. 


24-Day Wine Advent Calendar

Wine Advent Calendar

In Good Taste


If you’re just trying to figure out whether you’re a red or white, sweet or dry, or somewhere in the middle, this wine Advent calendar will help guide your way. With 24 tastes of vino, there’s definitely at least one in there for everyone. 


Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar

The Spirit Co


Learn more about the rich, varied world of Japanese whiskies with 24 wax-sealed drams. You’ll experience award-winning sips from famous distilleries and rare expressions that will tickle your tastebuds and get you excited to explore.  


Arriba Tequila Advent Calendar

The Spirit Co


Did somebody say tequila? Put away the lime and the salt; these 24 samples of 100% agave tequila need no accompaniment. If you’ve only ever tasted the diverse, varied spirit in a margarita or tequila sunrise, you owe it to yourself to give this Advent calendar a go. 


Vodka Explorer Calendar

Drinks By the Dram


If you’ve never met a flavored vodka you didn’t like, dip your toes into new ones (plus boutique brands with an expression all their own) with this Advent calendar. No cranberry juice or olives required. 


Ginvent Advent Calendar

The Whiskey Exchange


Open 24 tiny doors to go on the tastiest gin-venture of the season: This whimsical advent calendar! It comes complete with gin samples from around the world, all handpicked by Gin Foundry experts. Whether you’re a martini drinker or more of a G&T person, gin fans of all stripes will love this box. 


12-Day Beer Advent Calendar

12 Days of Christmas Craft Beer Box

City Brew Tours


Sure, you won’t find a partridge or pear tree inside, but this 12 Beers of Christmas Box will mark all 12 days of Christmas in delicious style. Ready your palate for 12 craft beers sourced from breweries around the country; expect Belgians, stouts, New England IPAs and more great options. And because it starts on December 25, it’s a perfect Christmas gift. 


Sam’s Club 12 Days of Wine Calendar

This year, Sam’s Club dropped a wine advent calendar complete with 12 mini bottles. Here’s what’s in there: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Cabernet, Syrah Blend, Merlot Blend, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Sweet Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Rose. (Woohoo!) $37.98; Avail in stores.


DIY Tree Advent Calendar



For those who like to customize their bar menu, try this adorable (and reusable!) tree-shaped alcohol Advent calendar. It’s got spots for miniature bottles of either liquor or wine, and you can even customize it to make a great gift. 

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