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Hello and welcome to Scoop Sky.

Here are some of the terms and conditions for the usage of our ScoopSky.com website. Before assessing the exact terms and conditions, let us take a look at some of the essential terms you should know:

  • Scoop Sky refers to ‘Company,” we’ and ‘us.’
  • ‘You,’ ‘Client’ and ‘Your’ will point to users of the website.
  • The company and the users can be indicated by ‘Us,’ ‘Parties’ and ‘Client.’

These terminologies refer to our other formal arrangements as well, you should remember. The words are not case-sensitive and, therefore, in the plural sense, are appropriate. These comply with the country’s laws that enable specific terms to apply to the payment required to perform any processes to agree, approve, and reflect. Such procedures are carried out to satisfy the needs of the customer for the specified services of the organization.


For the content available on the internet, Scoop Sky and its licensors own and reserve all the intellectual property privileges. As per the company’s terms and conditions, you can access the content for your personal use.

You are requested to:

  • Not replicating, restructuring, or copying some Scoop Sky stuff.
  • Not to republish, sell, rent, and under-license any Scoop Sky content.

However, in some domains, our forum helps you to share your thoughts and opinions. The comments will not be Scoop Sky’s liability since they do not reflect the company’s preferences. Nevertheless, the rights to edit and erase remarks that do not adhere to the terms and conditions are reserved.

You accept that: 

  • You are permitted to post comments on our website and have all the necessary licenses and approvals to do so. Bear in mind that comments should not invade any intellectual property rights belonging to the copyright, patent, or trademark of any third party;

  • No insulting, deriding, offensive, vulgar, or otherwise forbidden content that may be considered an attack on privacy is included in the comments.

  • Your comments will not be used to implore or promote some business or present commercial activities or criminal acts.
  • You officially allow Scoop Sky to use, modify, and authorize others to perform, mimic, and supervise all of your comments in any format with a universal authorization.


Scoop Sky, among other sites, also makes use of cookies. After reading through the privacy policy, you immediately agree to use cookies.

Responsibility for Content

Any material that is contained on your website is your duty. Be sure that, in uploading links, there are no violations of third-party rights.

Our Content Hyperlink

We allow the following organizations automatically to connect to our web content:

  • Organizations in government
  • News media, search engines, online distributors, and some eligible firms.

The conditions for those entities to be met are:

Not presenting the connection as false and deceptive implies some ownership of our material.

The link must always follow Scoop Sky’s guidelines.

Any other requests for approval shall be approved and may be connected based on further instructions given at the time of acceptance.

Frames Policy

Without proper approval, we do not authorize any of our users to create an appearance that can impact our website’s appearance.

Removals of Link

It is possible to automatically flag some link that appears false, confusing, or offensive. We will evaluate and take appropriate steps appropriately.

Scoop Sky does not, however, assert any responsibility for the content of the links offered. We can’t guarantee you the time frame and consistency of a website at any point.

Scoop Sky rights reservation

The organization retains all privileges, such as external links, to delete, edit, or review any relevant activity to our website. The laws and rules are changeable, and you are bound to obey them.

Privacy Policy

Over almost everything, Scoop Sky values the privacy of users. For more details, you can visit the Privacy Policy site. We encourage our customers to look over these terms and conditions thoroughly for a user experience that is satisfying and enjoyable.

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