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Want to write for Scoop Sky? We welcome guest posts but request all authors to follow our criteria for submission. The submission guidelines should be followed to ensure that Sky Scoop always provides the finest content available to our readers on the topics of major importance. Do you have expertise in any one of our areas? If so, give us your thoughts and a chance to extend your reach and increase your following. All guest post suggestions would fall into one of the following categories:


Health and Fitness






Home Improvement






Love and Relationships

Real Estate

Makeup and Beauty


Before you send us a guest post idea, check out our blog, particularly on the subject to be discussed. See what is already covered for the highest chance of success and what new idea you can show us. Remember that fresh thoughts (or a new leaning on subjects covered) are best. It is also necessary for clarification to format your pitch. If you do not know how, there are many online posts, blogs and videos explaining how to write an article.

Feel free to contact us if you want to write for us.

Submission Guidelines

As mentioned before, please check the section of our blog on which you want to write. See what other authors have already done and come up with a new subject or slant that suits what Sky Scoop publishes. Finally, read and observe all submission instructions before submitting to maximize the chance of approval.

  • All guest posts shall contain at least 500 words and a maximum of one or two links. (In order to boost SEO or create authority, we should add more).
  • First, pitch your guest post idea! Sky Scoop will invite you to write and apply the full article if your query is approved.
  • Content must be 100% unique. Even if it is your own blog, we should not republish material written elsewhere. Self-plagiarism is genuine.
  • For solely promotional purposes, we do not publish material. All content must be of good quality and provide our readers with meaning.
  • Any material must pass a search for plagiarism and be clear of grammatical and orthographical errors.
  • All Do Follow or SEO backlinks should be important to our audience and to the content of your post.
  • Any photos must be free of copyright and include any attribution required.
  • All approved guest posts are “evergreen” in the Scoop Sky’s blog. 
  • Both authors are expected to share their published guest posts on their own profiles in social media to provide more inspiration for their material and the Scoop Sky’s site.
  • Include resources as you collaborate on suggestions and opinions in your guest blogs.
  • Scoop Sky reserves the right to use links both internally and externally to strengthen SEOs, create authority and make the article more natural.
  • We will not upload any drug, s*x, alcohol, graphic or image-based things or illegal/inappropriate material. You must also not use these terms in your message. Any post that includes this material is denied.
  • No sponsored logos or paying links shall be included in all contents.
  • All material must be read effortlessly and look 100% natural.
  • Using correct SEO keywords. Stuffing keywords are not accepted and any postings that include this activity are refused.

Why Guest Post?

A guest post is an ideal way to build your writing portfolio. It’s also a great way to develop your authority, promote your brand, build ties and more. Guest blogging is publishing an article on a website or blog by someone else.

All Scoop Sky guest posts must be original, appropriate, distinctive, high-quality and have value for our readers as most web pages that welcome guest posts. Any submissions which do not agree with our standards will be refused. That said, there are many advantages for posting visitors. Here are a few of them.

  • Establish your market or niche authority.
  • Build better quality backlinks.
  • Set up your authority!
  • Enhance your social follow-up and engagement.
  • Build your portfolio of writing.
  • Branding
  • Boost traffic on the website
  • Build your portfolio of writing.
  • Set up your authority!

The quality of Scoop Sky articles on the website is vital. All content must be free of grammatical mistakes. However, it must also read as an authority, track trends and reporting. We do not want introductory material, in other words. Give us the latest, most refined meaningful material that goes beyond what most people already know about a specific subject already. Tell us something new, different, trendy! We want what our audience wants – fresh gossip, headlines, events, a DIY, or tip we never knew or heard from. If you have a new inside information, add this tidbit in your e-mail query.

Guest authors who create authority, draw on the subjects they cover their personal and business brand. Write from the point of view of the authority and it will not take long to be an expert on the subject.

Add Some Backlinks

Any website is not useful if no one knows about it and backlinks are one way to get it out. You can post up or two links inside your material to your platform, portfolio, or high-level website. You benefit from more backlinks by making items relevant. When done right, guest posting gives more backlinks to your own website to improve your chance of increasing your rating on your search engines.

Enhance Your Social Follow-Up and Engagement

Most citizens today hit social levels at one level or another. If you post on Facebook, Pin, Instagram, or something else does not matter. Social media is a major hub for posting your content, chatting and more. That is why Scoop Sky suggests that all approved guest posts be shared with the social accounts of that blogger. Post your posts to strengthen your social follow-up and your social commitment. It is also a perfect way to develop your brand, increase your market or niche authority, and increase the chances that traffic will increase and will contribute to your own website.


Branding is an ideal way to mark yourself and your company in the niche you write about. Choose the subjects well and compose effectively. Mind that you are the expert, and that ability should ooze from your vocabulary if you write on a subject where you know a lot about, but it should also flow naturally, effortlessly. Only don’t write a guest article. Using the written word to speak to our readers. 

Increase Traffic on The Website and Generate More Leads

Writing a guest post and linking it to your own page is a strong mix. If your posts create buzz among our followers, you would also be more likely to visit your website. This means more traffic on the website and the more traffic you create, the more likely you are to generate warm leads. This is another reason why guest posts for blogs that offer a segment specific to your own business are of considerable value.

If you keep things important, you improve your chances of increasing traffic to your own website and even take a few likely warm leads. A warm lead is somewhat different from a cold lead, and what you have to say is already interested in the warm lead. One or two connections can be used in your Scoop Sky guest posts. Scoop sky retains the right to add additional ties to our own option and discretion to increase SEO, readability, authority, or so on.

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