All sorts of feelings and viewpoints shared here are based entirely on individual preferences. We don’t intend to hurt or discriminate against the personal views and thoughts of any individual.

As responsible people, we have to observe honesty in all ways and appreciate each person around us. To ensure a respectful and friendly atmosphere, any consumer on Scoop Sky must fulfill his/her moral and environmental duty.

Email Policy

Your privacy is also one of the most important things for us, as is your view. The user should email us to check our rules if a user is asked for any details that explicitly breaches his/her privacy.

Under some circumstances, our website needs your email address. This usually occurs when a person is asked in a comment form to write an email address. You don’t have to think if you are unsure if listing your email address is the best thing to take.

Our utmost duty is to ensure that your trust in us is upheld and that your confidential information is protected and secure.

Any email addresses sent to us by you will be used for privacy purposes only. Rest assured, they would not be set aside or sold to another party for spamming purposes. If, for example, there is another intended purpose, before any acts are taken, you will be readily informed.

Comments Policy

To us, your comments are beneficial and significant. We keep your comments moderated to protect the respect of all members of our website.

Like any professional online forum, it is our moral duty to be considerate of the boundaries of others. To do the same, we advise our faithful customers.

  • Any of your comments that conform to the following set of guidelines are welcome:

  • Each of the comments does not give someone an offensive tone or substance.

  • Hate speech contained in some of the responses will be recorded and is particularly unacceptable.

  • Comments consisting of racial slurs or references of any way are not permitted.

  • Scoop Sky retains the freedom to approve, review, and disregard any comments received.

Advertisement Notice

Our policy for advertisement is very straightforward. To serve our ads, we use 3rd party advertising agencies. AdSense is a famous example of such 3rd party firms. You should remember that a business-like AdSense introduces the Dart cookie function.

Inside the platform, you need to learn how the function works. The role notes your interests and also analyses past user experiences. This helps to provide our customers with a customized ad experience. It all depends on whether or not you want a personalized type of advertisement. All of our users are free to uninstall the Dart cookie features by merely accessing Google advertising and content policy instructions.

Do not hesitate to contact us if there are more questions and objections about the Scoop Sky policies. We respect your opinion and are here to support you in every way that we can.

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