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20 Best Thanksgiving Memes – Funny Thanksgiving Photos to Share

We know you love the holiday season, but preparing your house for Thanksgiving can be exhausting. Your extended family is coming over for a feast, and there’s a lot to be done before they arrive. While the kids are creating thanksgiving crafts to decorate the dining table and family members are playing games, you’re making sure every dish is perfect and ready to be served.

When you need a little break from the holiday madness, we suggest taking a look at these hilarious Thanksgiving memes. We’ve got funny photos about spending the holidays with your family, carving the turkey, checking out Black Friday Sales and everything in between. We promise, after scrolling through this list, you’ll be LOLing at how relatable they are. You’ll also want to pass your phone around the table to show everyone else what you’re laughing at (if all else fails, check out our list of the corniest Thanksgiving jokes that are sure to lighten any mood or bring more fun to the day).

Now all that’s left to do is to make sure you have plenty of Thanksgiving wine ready to go. We have a feeling we’re all going to need it this year.

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Social Media No-No

There’s always that one family member who has to take a picture before they eat their meal ….

Thanks, Parents!

The kids coming home for the holidays will be thankful for all of your hard work and not having to eat cafeteria food for the weekend.

The Day After

While this little pup is super cute and funny, there should be no hard feelings after enjoying a wonderful meal with family.

Pretend Sleeping

Raise your hand if this is you every Thanksgiving.

Climate Change

Okay, climate change will be one of the topics your uncle will bring up at the table to get you all riled up, so make sure you have your wine ready.

Personal Question

After a few glasses of wine, we contemplate whether or not to tell our family members about what’s really going on in our personal lives…

Thinking About Thanksgiving

All of November is spent looking forward to the moment you can finally dive (or canoe) into a pile of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

Pro Tip

This theory sounds rock solid to me.

Post Thanksgiving Mode

Not leaving the couch today. #SorryNotSorry

My Favorite Thing About Thanksgiving

There’s Always Room for Pie

We’re with you, Dory. No matter how full we feel, as soon as our favorite pies hit the table, it’s all over.

When Your Kid’s a Picky Eater

Our Inner Voice

This Evil Kermit the Frog meme references a viral video of gospel singer and pastor Shirley Caesar, who sang this iconic line.

Thanksgiving With Vegans

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with people who don’t eat meat, chances are they’ll mention something about the bird sitting on the table. (Or you could be prepared and make some vegan food for them …)

Hiding in the Bathroom

Putting the whole family under one roof all but guarantees some awkward moments. When you finally exit your hideout, switch the conversation to a lighter topic, like Thanksgiving trivia.

Grandparents on Thanksgiving

Good news: They can babysit the kids all morning because you’ll probably still have a lot to get done.

Me Today vs. Me Tomorrow

The day after Thanksgiving, we immediately switch gears into Christmas mode — just like this adorable pup. Plus, decorating the Christmas tree after coming back from Black Friday shopping is the best way to unwind.

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