21 Must-See Destinations in Trinidad, Curacao, Aruba, and The Dominican Republic

21 Must-See Destinations in Trinidad, Curacao, Aruba, and The Dominican Republic

The Caribbean Sea makes for one of the most ideal travel regions in the world. White-sand beaches and tropical wildlife are plentiful in this area. Here are a few excellent things to do in 4 countries, all while staying on a cheap travel budget.

Dominican Republic

  • 27 Charcos – This inland hike near Puerto Plata offers a full-day excursion through the forest. The highlights of the hike are the series of 27 waterfalls it takes you by. Plus, the falls are for more than just looking at. With safety equipment, they can slide down chutes and into the pools below for a refreshing swim.
  • Los Haitises National Park – Natural land formations rise out of the water at this gorgeous national park. There are multiple ways to traverse the park. Options include hiking through the rainforest, paddling a kayak yourself, or hopping on a guided boat tour.
  • Montana Redondo – If viewpoints are your thing, this is a must. A mountaintop 360 degree view offers all the sights you could want. Beaches, forests, lagoons, and countryside are all visible from this perch. Plus, it’s got an awesome swing that’s great for pictures.
  • Kiteboarding in Carabete – For those who are interested in something with a bit more excitement, look no further than Kite Beach in the town of Carabete. It’s a small town on the north shore that is known for its perfect kiteboarding conditions. With multiple places to rent equipment and learn the sport, thrill-seekers should be happy to give it a try [ details ].
  • Punta Cana – The Carribean is known for its white sand beaches. This town offers one of the longest coastlines in the area along the eastern tip of the island. Grab a drink and relax as you watch the Atlantic Ocean meet the Carribean Sea. Boca Catalina Beach


  • Arikok National Park – If you look at a map of the island you’ll notice this national park takes up a good chunk of it. It’s an amazing destination to see different types of natural formations. Being so large, it’s common for travelers to rent cars or ATVs to cover more ground. Although walking the park is perfectly acceptable.
  • Snorkeling the SS Antilla – The German vessel sunk off the shore near Boca Catalina Beach in 1940. Since then, it has become a popular spot to go snorkeling.With colorful fish weaving in and out of the wreckage, it’s a unique underwater sight.
  • Palm Beach – Even for those on a cheap travel budget, Palm Beach is still a stunning beach location. Highrise hotels and casinos are visible from the beach. So it’s not as secluded as other beaches in the area. But if a popping beach attraction is what you are going for, there’s not much better in the region.
  • Mangel Halto – Now, if secluded beaches are what you’re going for, this is the spot. With less restaurants and tourist attractions, this is a much calmer area than Palm Beach. There are still spots to rent snorkeling and kayaking equipment for fun things to do in the water. End the day here watching an island sunset from the sand.
  • California Lighthouse – Located near the city Noord on the north coast of the island, this lighthouse offers a relic from the past. The lighthouse was built over 100 years ago and stands tall above the surrounding area. Viewpoints at the top of the lighthouse are available for purchase during the daytime.
  • Bubali Bird Sanctuary – For something a bit different, try the Bubali Bird Sanctuary. From an observation deck visitors can see all the different types of birds that stop to rest during their migrations.  


  • Hato Caves – Explore the biggest caves on the island. In 1991 the government did work on the caves to make them accessible by foot, opening this underground world to the public. Walk through and take in the natural beauty that took hundreds of thousands of years to make.
  • Playa Lagun – If the caves are too claustrophobic for some, then this stunning beach location should be better. It’s sides are guarded with rock walls that lead to a white sand beach at its end and located in the town or Lagun. 
  • Dolphin Academy Curacao – Get up close and personal with some of the loveliest animals in the world. Swim in the water alongside dolphins and learn about the animals in their own habitat.
  • Christoffelpark – This national park is located on the northwest side of the island. It offers a different type of setting than you’ll see on most other parts of the island, with all different kinds of plants.
  • Blue Bay – One of the more populated beaches on the island. While the setting is a draw in itself, there are also activities like fishing and snorkeling available.


  • Maracas Bay – The aesthetically pleasing shape of the bay offers a different view than some of the coastal spots we have already mentioned. Its unique shape and ideal sandy beaches make it a popular area.
  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary – A nearby swamp of the same name allows for a vast amount of wildlife in this area. Birds are drawn to the thick forests surrounding the water. Get a great chance to see some colorful fliers.
  • Pitch Lake – The natural formation of this place is still somewhat unknown. Located just outside the city Siparia, it is one of the largest deposits in natural asphalt in the world. Walk around for the sights, or jump in the water that runs alongside the area.
  • Gasparee Caves –  These natural formations can be found on the island of Gaspar Grande, which is only 15 minutes off the mainland. Descend all the way to the bottom to see the clear tidal pool.
  • Asa Wright Nature Center – Find yourself staying here in the middle of the jungle. It’s a top-tier birdwatching spot and is found near the town Arima. It will give you a different atmosphere than anywhere else on the island. 

Islands in the Caribbean have so much to offer for so many different interests. With so much natural beauty, there is also plenty to do for travelers that are looking to save money. Resorts are always nice, but sometimes cheap travel can lead to better adventures for those who are willing to try it.

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