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25 Best Christmas Punch Recipes

The star of your holiday get-together is obviously going to be your Christmas dinner. However, if you make a delicious Christmas punch, the drinks are sure to be a very close second. These adult versions of classic punch bowls you may remember from parties of your past will add some sweet (but not too sweet) nostalgia to your holiday festivities, and who doesn’t love reminiscing around the holidays?

Individually crafted Christmas cocktails may be just as easy and delicious, but for large holiday parties, a bowl of Christmas punch is a great way to keep your guests holly and jolly all night — especially if you would rather mingle than be stuck behind the bar. With a big batch of holiday punch, people don’t have to worry about bothering you or attempting to mix drinks on their own. All they have to do is pour or ladle another serving into their cup as needed throughout the evening. You can even keep an extra batch in the fridge in case you run out.

The recipes on our list are super simple to make, and you probably already have most of the ingredients. Since they’re super festive and taste so good, nobody will ever know how little work was required to present such a perfect holiday drink. Take a break from making Christmas appetizers and try one of these easy Christmas punch recipes (some are even non-alcoholic), and take your pick of flavors: You’ll find cherry, cranberry, apple and more to fit your holiday menu. Just be sure to save room for dessert!

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