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30 Best Funny Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are an easy way to spread holiday cheer far and wide. While you typically buy your cards in bulk to send to your entire mailing list, there may be a few people in your life that warrant a more personalized message. Some may appreciate something sentimental and reflective (a DIY Christmas card with a photo of your family, perhaps), but you know that the jokester in your life would much rather receive a funny Christmas card that gives them the greatest gift of all: a good ol’ belly laugh.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up an assortment of Christmas cards from Etsy and Paper Source that tap into the sillier side of the season. Most of these cards are filled with Christmas jokes and punny messages, but a select few have clever references to the most beloved Christmas movies, TV shows or songs (Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You,” for example). Even though you’re leading with laughs, be sure to fill the inside with a heartfelt message tailored to the recipient. And if you’re not sure what to write, pick from one of these classic Christmas quotes and call it a day.

‘Tis The Season Card



Anyone with a sweet tooth knows that holiday desserts are always a treat … until it’s time to break out the Tums. 

Cheesy Christmas Card



A Christmas tree made out of cheese? Now, that’s the best gift you can give.

Reindeer Games Card



On the thirteenth day of Christmas, three reindeer battled it out in a game of poker because, of course they did. 

Happy Howlidays Card



From one dog lover to another, wish them a very happy howlidays with this adorable card. 

May Your Holidays Be Filled With Lots of Wine Card



You know it’s true: The holidays are not only filled with joy, but with lots (and lots) of wine. 

Merry Christmas Penguin Card



This friendly penguin trio is here to sleigh Christmas — get it?

Hopefully I Sent This by February Card

If you tend to wait until the very last minute to sort out your holiday cards, then go with this one to let them know that you tried to ship it … before February.

“All I Want For Christmas is You” Card



Once they take a look at this card, they’ll be inspired to start practicing Mariah’s famous high notes. So, prepare your ears. 

Merry Schittmas Card



Because, no, we’re not over the end of Schitt’s Creek.  

‘Friends’ Christmas Card



Send this card to the Friends fan in your life to remind them to watch “The One With the Holiday Armadillo” for the zillionth time.

Party With Jesus Card



Celebrate the reason for the season with a Christmas card — okay,  birthday card — with Jesus front and center.

OMG Christmas Card

Paper Source


Because we all know someone who believes that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by “singing loud for all to hear.”

Merry & Dwight Card

Paper Source


While everyone is still working from home, send this card to your favorite coworker that will Dwight-en up their day.

The Night Before Chrizzle Card



Spend the holidays with Snoop Dogg as he raps a verse while reading you a Christmas story.

Gin and Tonic



Brings a new meaning to the phrase, “holiday cheers,” doesn’t it?   

Avo’ Merry Christmas Card



This avocado loves Christmas as much as you do and wants to give you a hug. 

Wine Christmas Tree



Did you drink a few too many Christmas Cosmos with the girls last year? Send them this card to remind everyone of the good old times — and look forward to all the ones to come. 

Merry Catmas Card



The cat lovers on your gift list will probably display this sweet holiday card on their mantel (where their kitty will inevitably knock it over every day). 

Personalised Baby Yoda Card

Baby Yoda is everywhere — including on this punny Christmas card. 

Merry Christmoose Card



Everyone  loves a good pun, especially when it comes with a cute illustration. 

Kardashian Card



Send this card to the person on your gift list who’s still mourning the end of KUWTK

I Came to Sleigh Christmas Holiday Card



Say what you will about jolly ol’ Mr. Claus, but he certainly does. 

Obligatory Christmas Card



This year, give them the card that makes “humbug!” seem like a warm, seasonal greeting. 

Santa Hates You (Not Really!) Card



What starts out as a shocking statement about Santa turns into a mushy message when you unfold the card — a surprise that anyone can get behind. 

Prosecc…Ho Ho Ho Card



Chances are, you have that one friend who absolutely needs this card. (And she’s a a great New Year’s Eve date, too.) 

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Card



This card works perfectly for those with end-of-December birthdays — but, if you really own your cheapness (or, excuse us, frugality), you can use it for anyone. 

Fleece Navidad Card



It’s the only card that makes you think of José Feliciano and warm, woolen mittens at the same time.

Whammy Card



Not only will this card warn people to be careful with your heart, it’ll also get “Last Christmas” stuck in their heads all day. (Not that it’s a bad thing.) 

You’re On Santa’s Naughty List Card



There’s nothing wrong with being honest, especially if you tell your loved ones that they’re misbehaving. 

‘Home Alone’ Card



Send a greeting inspired by your favorite Christmas flick, and hope that your siblings will never take you for granted again. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

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