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30 Best Halloween Tattoos – Cute and Scary Halloween Tattoo Ideas


For some, the magic of Halloween extends well beyond October. Sure, the Halloween costumes, candy and decorations only come out once a year, but the spooks and scares can still be felt year-round — especially if you have one of these Halloween tattoos permanently inked on your arm, leg or somewhere else on your body.

Think of your skin as a blank canvas for all of Halloween’s creepiest stories — the ones rooted in terrifying realities (unsolved murders, serial killers and more) and the ones told in blockbusters by masterminds like Michael Myers. Show your love for your favorite horror films with a tattoo of Ghostface from the Scream franchise or go back to your trick-or-treating days with a tattoo inspired by popular Disney Halloween movies. Or if you prefer to take the traditional route, stick with a classic design full of ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, bats, spiders and other holiday staples. The hardest part is deciding how big you want to go: Start with something small and dainty or go all-out with a full sleeve. No matter what you pick, all of these ideas will show everyone just how serious you are about the spooky season.

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Double-Eye Tattoo

Seeing double? There’s a good reason why. At least the long eyelashes add a touch of glam to this otherwise creepy eyeball.


Vampire Mickey Mouse Tattoo

How cute is Mickey Mouse in a vampire costume? By the looks of it, he’ll be trick-or-treating from now … until forever.


Eye Scream Tattoo

Eye scream, you scream, we all scream for this pumpkin and vampire-flavored ice cream. Not only will this tattoo give everyone the creeps, it’ll also make them crave something sweet.


Bat Tattoo

You’ll feel batty year-round with this stunning tattoo on your arm. Paint the scene by adding a crescent moon and flowers.


Vampire Lady Tattoo

Pick a face, any face and make it Halloween-friendly with vibrant red blood streaks. Not to mention the bloody eyes and fangs.


Flower Coffin Tattoo

Perhaps, there was someone in your life who loved Halloween even more than you. If so, honor their legacy with a coffin embellished with their favorite flowers.


Scooby Tattoo

Zoinks! A cross-eyed Scooby is on the run from a mummy and swarm of bats.


Werewolf Tattoo

Werewolves are beautiful, but don’t underestimate just how vicious they can be. They are monsters, after all.


Pearl Seashell Tattoo

Who needs candy and costumes when you have a string of pearls on your arm? If you’re a Disney superfan, sprinkle in a few recognizable characters from The Little Mermaid.


The Show Must Go On Tattoo

This bird delivers an important message: No matter what happens in life, the show must always go on.


Kewpie Bat Tattoo

It may not be terrifying, but this tattoo is scary-cute! Kewpie Bat’s tiny fangs and wings are too adorable to pass up.


Dog Portrait Tattoo

Your beloved pet will be forever immortalized with this look-a-like tattoo.


Wicked Witch Tattoo

Warning: Don’t ever mess with a witch with an attitude because they’ll cast a spell on you.


Sky Puppy Tattoo

This sky puppy may look nice and sweet, but watch out for his sneaky ways. Here, it looks like he’s getting away with the crown jewel.


‘Scream’ Tattoo

“Do you like scary movies?” Good because this Scream-inspired tattoo is calling your name.


Jack-o’-Lantern Tattoo

You can count on this jack-o’-lantern tattoo to always watch your back. Or creep people out. Or both.


Eyeballs Tattoo

These eyeballs are creepy, kooky and altogether spooky — especially when they cover your whole arm.


Candlelight Ghost Tattoo

This ghost is ready to take you on a candlelight tour through the streets — a ghost tour, if you will.


‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Tattoo

We get it, The Nightmare Before Christmas also counts as a Christmas movie, but this Jack Skellington and Sally design is eerily beautiful. Convince your S.O. to get a matching tattoo as a declaration of your love for one another.


Captain Spaulding Tattoo

Welcome to the House of 1,000 Corpses, where Captain Spaulding will scare you straight … and serve you tons of fried chicken.


Snake Tattoo

This sleeve is all about the details: There’s a venomous snake weaving through leaves, flowers and other detailed designs.


Ghost and Pumpkin Tattoo

Mouse ears make the ultimate disguise — even for this friendly ghost and pumpkin pair. A few hand-drawn hearts show that they’re sweet, not scary.


Flower Web Tattoo

Orange is the new black — and this tattoo shows exactly that. Pick your favorite flower and have it layered on top of a freshly-spun web.


Bulbasaur Jack O’Lantern Tattoo

Normally nice and sweet, Bulba gets a spooky twist as soon as a jack-o’-lantern hops on his back.


‘Nosferatu’ Tattoo

Nosferatus Count Orlok is always looking for his next victim —and your tricep is a feast for the eyes.


Baby Wednesday Addams Tattoo

Love the Addams family? Baby Wednesday Addams is here to give you a bottle of her favorite (deadly) potion.


‘Beetlejuice’ Tattoo

It’s showtime, Beetlejuice. He may mean well, but his evil ways certainly get the best of him —and everyone else in his path.


Medieval Knight Tattoo

All rise for the queen! This dame clearly means business as show by her fierce look and battle scar.


Betty Boop Tattoo

Lean into your sassy side with this Bride of Frankenstein-inspired ink. Rumor has it she’s whipping up a secret potion to help you fall in love… or so we hope.


Cat in Space Tattoo

Help! A cat took a trip to space and never came back.

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