7 Ways to Deal With Big City Life

Big cities are incredible. The lights, events, people, and excitement undoubtedly make for a great time. However, some may prefer to take big city life in small doses as a vacation instead of living there.

Suppose you are one of those people but are being presented with relocating to a metropolis. In that case, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the thought of constant traffic, noise, and luminescence in the streets.

These worries are understandable.

However, don’t worry too much because you will become acclimated to your new surroundings over time. In the meantime, you can use the tips below to help you cope with big city life.

1) Figure Out Your Transportation

Big cities generally have heavily congested roads even outside of rush hour. This can make your daily commute difficult.

Plan your transportation method and routes accordingly to avoid being stuck in traffic for hours.

Some transportation methods in big cities include:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Electric bike/scooter
  • Bus
  • Taxi/ Rideshare

Traffic is one of the most inconvenient parts of living in a big city, so thorough planning may make this move easier.

2) Eat Healthy Meals

You don’t want to sacrifice your healthy diet when you move. Otherwise, you may add stomach distress to your mental distress.

Find the best health food stores and restaurants in your neighborhood and try to stick to them.

If going out is too overwhelming at first, order your meals or groceries online. Then, you can gradually set personal goals to introduce outings into your routine.

Additionally, you can make your life much easier by stopping by places that are on your way to other destinations or within walking distance of your work and home.

3) Find Comfortable Places

A great way to deal with some of the stress of a big city is finding places that bring you comfort.

Reading a book at the coffee shop, working out at the gym, and going to the spa might be precisely what you need to distract yourself from the chaos around you.

You may also want to consider joining activity clubs like yoga, pottery, or golf. At these clubs, you can find a bit of tranquility doing something familiar or new. Also, it helps to have a few activities to look forward to each week.

4) Find a More Naturesque Part of the City

If you feel that the big city life will be too hard to deal with, choose to live in an area with some greenery.

Consider moving just outside the city where more nature may be visible. If this isn’t an option, you can find an apartment or house with an atrium, nearby park, or large garden.

5) Make Your Home More Comfortable

Making your house more comfortable can help you deal with the big city life. You can add black-out curtains, house plants, and mood lighting.

After you leave work, school, etc., you will want to kick back and relax in a cozy home, so do whatever you can to create a comforting atmosphere. Family photos, throw pillows, and art pieces are also great additions.

6) Take Care of Your Mental Health

One of the best ways to deal with big city living is taking care of your mental health.

The move might cause feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, or depression which is normal. However, if you ever feel that your low emotions or episodes of anxiety are getting out of hand, you should contact your doctor.

For mental health symptoms that are not severe, you can try doing the following:

  • Go to the spa
  • Get a massage
  • Talk to a therapist or loved ones about your feelings
  • Go for a hike
  • Try medical marijuana in the big city
  • Take a walk outside

When you feel overwhelmed with emotions, practice self-care and find ways to unwind.

7) Find The Things You Enjoy

The big city is not entirely awful, so there are sure to be plenty of things you enjoy in town.

Try being optimistic and finding the people, places, and things you like. There may be stores or restaurants in the area that you are familiar with, like Starbucks and target. Or, after doing some exploring, you might find your new favorites.

Once you find friends or places you enjoy, your new move to the big city will not feel so bad.


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