computer packaging company in New South

A computer packaging company in New South Wales had only notified employees the night before if they would be working the next day or shifts, but provided them with full-time employees and raised the status of the factory with industry guidelines and of SST.

The company is Foxteq’s Rydarmia factory and it closed last year because its employer’s history was so poor that workers hardly knew when and when to work. Most of the workers were at a disadvantage and had no choice but to put up with this de facto arrangement.

The company hires the labor through an outside labor recruiting agency, which hires most, if not all, of the factory’s workforce as temporary workers. The primary function of the factory is preparing the delivery of numerous Hewlett-Packard branded computer systems for prominent clients such as the Department of Defense, the New South Wales Fire Department and various banks, to name a few.

According to some worker sources, some messages were not received until after 8 pm, before the next day’s shift began. Without knowing the length of the shift, some workers attended and worked less than four hours, leaving them confused about when and how long they would need the next day. LinkLifting

Resco, a new worker employment company that has signed with Foxteq, has negotiated an agreement with the Australian Manufacturing Trade Union for the benefit of factory workers, but there have been positive changes. Currently, workers have the option of choosing between full or part-time status, better working conditions in the factory, union representatives that employees can choose for themselves, and more.

High pressure levels directly from HP are believed to have helped the change. Especially damaging to HP was Foxteq, a sister company to manufacturer Foxconn, which was previously accused of having a bad relationship with employees, though it paved the way for improvement.

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