Google Pixel 7 is less than $600 according to Amazon

(Pocket-lint) – Google’s upcoming unveiling of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro might have just had at least a little bit of the wind taken from its sails by Amazon listing one of the phones a bit early.

The listing was spotted by M. Brandon Lee on Twitter, and while it’s been taken down since then, it shows a price of $599 for the standard Pixel 7.

This would be the same price that the Pixel 6 launched at, and makes it fairly likely that the Pixel 7 Pro will also stick to the 6 Pro’s price of $899.


While that might not be the biggest shock in the world, it would mean that Google is resisting the call to raise prices given the challenging global economy, which will be great news for anyone waiting to pick up a new Pixel later this year.

This also further cements the pricing information that leaked about a week ago, which had the exact same price listed for the Pixel 7, so it’s looking increasingly concrete.

We’ll thankfully only have to wait a short while to find out everything officially, since Google’s holding a Made by Google event on 6 October to showcase its new flagship phones.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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