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How Sweet Is This Twist on a Wedding Tradition?

wedding first look with grandmothers

For her wedding, Marin Ruscitti wanted to find a meaningful way to include her grandmothers, who she describes as “two crucial maternal figures in my life.” Here, she — and “Nanny” (Jan Corrigan) and “Grandma” (Patti Anderson) — share the special moment they came up with…

wedding first look with grandmothers

Marin: My ‘Nanny,’ who’s my mom’s mom, was staying in the same hotel. So, when I was dressed, I went right down to her room for a ‘first look.’ My eight-year-old sister tagged along, which was a special impromptu addition.

wedding first look with grandmothers

Jane: When Marin walked in, my tears came immediately. I’m going to cry again talking about it! Marin was that little girl who’d say to me, ‘Nanny, do you have a blanket?’ and then pretend it was a veil. So, to go through life with Marin and then get to see her as an actual bride, it was powerful stuff.

wedding first look with grandmothers

Marin: Earlier, while getting dressed, I had gone into this nonverbal, very stoic place. Everything felt surreal and there was a lot going on around me. But as soon as I saw my nanny, I felt an immediate ease.

wedding first look with grandmothers

Marin: Then my grandma, my dad’s mom Patti, arrived.

Patti: When I walked in, Marin was not just beautiful in her gown, she also looked so grown up. Memories flooded back. You take your granddaughter out on adventures, you do crafts together. The first look felt like a meaningful demonstration of her appreciation for us.

wedding first look with grandmothers

Marin: My grandma wore a headpiece to her wedding. I added it to my own veil and was excited to show her. She got married 60 years before I did, almost to the day, and she and my grandfather have such a beautiful love story.

wedding first look with grandmothers

Marin: My mom and dad met in the fourth grade. So, my grandmothers’ friendship goes way back. During this first look, I think it washed over them, like, look at what we’ve built.

Jane: Patti and I were together in the hospital waiting room the day Marin was born — we were crying and holding hands. And during this first look, we alternated between laughing and hugging and crying.

wedding first look with grandmothers

Jane: I told Marin, ‘I love you so much. You give me so much joy.’ My relationship to Marin is maternal, but it’s also much freer than a mother, since I’m not accountable for it all.

Patti: I’d give her tapioca pudding for breakfast.

Would (or did) you have a first look?

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(Photos by Harper Pictures at the Ace Hotel Brooklyn. Marin’s dress is by Lola Varma from The One Bridal.)

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