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Latest Trader Joe’s Finds: Grapefruit Body Butter, Croissant Bread, Gluten-Free Treats and More


Girlfriend, I had to do it. Grapefruit. Body butter. FOUR NINETY-NINE! I no longer even pretend to have any self-restraint when it comes to a new Trader Joe’s body butter. Sampling their myriad of “flavors” over the past few years has taught me that TJ’s Body Butters generally do me right, and this new Grapefruit one is one of my favorites to date.

Coincidentally, I’ve been having grapefruit with my breakfast every morning lately, and this cream smells legit. It’s light and fresh and lingers for a few hours before fading away, so it’s not all up in my nostrils into the evening.

Like the other TJ’s Body Butters I’ve tried, this one’s thick and creamy, like an actual stick of room-temperature Salted Kerrygold (THE BEST); you can cut it with a butter knife, so it’s more balm-y and less fluffy whipped cream, and it’s moisturizing enough to get crusty heels to bow down.

FYI, it contains coconut oil and shea butter, so if your skin likes both or either of those, you have that to look forward to!

Also, I really like that the lid flips up because the jar is easy to open and close with slippery fingers.

I’m currently wearing Grapefruit underneath Chanel Rivera-Pars (otherwise known as “orange explosion!”), and I smell pretty darned good, if I do say so myself.

Warning: the following Trader Joe’s photos should’ve been taken, ya know…before I went to town on all the food, but hey, this is real life, and apparently we’re REALLY HUNGRY at my house.

Part of me really wants to not tell you about the following bread because I want more for me, because my addiction to it is that serious, but we’re friends, and friends don’t let friends sleep on hella good baked delights!

Grab thee a Joe’s Cinnamon Croissant Loaf ASAP. This hybrid of sliced cinnamon bread and flaky croissant is heavenly. I eat it every morning with the big ol’ grapefruit.

trader joes cinnamon croissant loaf

Here’s the deal: you need to toast it first in order for it to be all it can be. Warming it up seems to make the layers of croissant even more delicate and melty, and enhances the cinnamon flavor.

You could put some butter on it, I suppose, but I just keep it plain so I can shove it into my mouth with coffee that much faster.

Also, in gluten-free news, El Hub has celiac, and he LOVES the Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Coffee Cake Muffins. He usually thinks that most store-bought gluten-free baked goods are either too grainy or crumbly or oily, but he says these are fan-friggin-tastic.

This is El Hub’s jam.

They’re made with sour cream, which I suspect is the magic ingredient responsible for their tender crumb. He says they taste exactly like a regular coffee cake. Highly recommended from the resident GF person in our house!

Connor and I have been snacking on the Mini Orange Cranberry Tea Scones. These are lovely when you need a little something to tide you over with your afternoon beverage…

Apparently, the theme for today day is CARBS. Ha!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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