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Latest Ulta Haul: Skin Care, Sunscreen and Makeup

Goodies from Ulta

Look what you made me do, Ulta! 😂

Remember how I mentioned there’s a new Ulta in my town? And how it’s barely a five-minute drive away from mi casa?

YES, I know. They ran a 20% off sale on everything last weekend, and this is what found its way into my basket…

ulta basket sunscreen skin care april 2021

Lots of sunscreen and skin care as you can see. Yup, I still love makeup, and I was tempted by quite a few things (like this palette and these cream shadows), but I resisted *this time* around because I’ve decided that it’s time to get serious about fighting the good fight against hyperpigmentation. If I’m going to go to the effort of doing retinol, Vitamin C, AHAs and BHAS, I’ve got to get the sun protection part of the equation right, so sun protection was my main goal on this trip.

Side note: having a product game plan before beauty shopping helps a ton. I’ve blacked out at Ulta and Sephora one too many times, leaving with a basket of things I didn’t even plan on getting, and I know I’m not alone in this either. Having a plan stopped me from being tempted by things I probably don’t need, so I wholeheartedly recommend this strategy next time you head to the mothership.

Back to the sunscreen! What I really wanted was a face sunscreen, specifically a tinted one because I’ve heard that tinted sunscreens can help medium and darker skin tones prevent hyper pigmentation.

cerave cotz sunscreen swatches
I’m on a mission to keep the hyper pigmentation at bay.

The Cotz one is going back, unfortunately. I like how smooth and fresh my skin looked after applying it, and I liked the depth of the tint (I couldn’t see it at all on my skin), but it made my face itch. 😒

The tinted Cerave, though, is a keeper! The tint is a little lighter than the Cotz one so I can see a slight cast at first, but it fades after it settles in.

I also like how lightweight and moisturizing it is. Only thing is…the tint rubs off on my mask and clothes, so I’m going to use the La Roche Posay Melt In Milk sunscreen on days when I wear white shirts or tees (which I do often).

la roche posay in milk swatch

OMG, this is SO GOOD. The name “Melt In Milk” really does it justice because it absorbs incredibly quickly and completely, leaving behind absolutely no cast whatsoever. Plus, it’s moisturizing but isn’t sticky or heavy. I also like the amount of SPF protection and that it doesn’t have a strong sunscreen-y scent.

Speaking of scents…don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind scented skincare at all. I just prefer that the stuff I wear on my face not smell like a margarita. But on beach days or fishing days or camping trips, I do love a summery, sunscreen-y scent, which is why I picked up a couple things from Sun Bum, including this SPF70 lotion.

sun bum swatch
Smells like summer

It smells like a coconut and pineapple smoothie, and it doesn’t leave a cast. I also bought the spray version because I’m really trying hard to get better at reapplying, and I figure that having a spray might help me stay motivated, since it’s faster and easier to apply than the lotion.

In non-sunscreen news…I stocked up on the retinol cream I’ve been using from Neutrogena, and I grabbed an old-school fave of mine by Proactiv.

pro activ neturogena in hand
Pimples and wrinkles… GOOD TIMES.

I wore this benzoyl peroxide cream back in my early 30s, back before I discovered Kate Somerville Anti-Bac Clearing Lotion. I still love the Kate Somerville, but they just keep jacking up the price! Last time I went to Sephora it was $52 (it was $39 when I started using it back in 2013). I’m pretty cranky about the price increase, so I’ve been trying to find an alternative… When I re-stumbled on this cream at Ulta for $35, I was stoked. I hope it still works for me.

Other stuff I picked up: a bottle of Pattern leave-in conditioner and couple of Clinique liquid eyeliners in basic brown and black.

pattern leave in conditioner
Waves for days
clinique pretty easy liner brown and black
This liner really is pretty easy!

Have you done any beauty shopping lately at Ulta or anywhere else?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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