Qualcomm Snapdragon 775 could power the next generation sub-fla

(Pocket-lint) – Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 888 in December 2020 and that hardware is already appearing in new devices. But there was no mention of the 700 series – which in 2020 gave us the excellent Snapdragon 765.

The successor to Snapdragon 765 might be Snapdragon 775 and thanks to a new leak – spotted by XDA – and Qualcomm might be preparing to launch this new hardware.

The gap in the Qualcomm line-up seems obvious: with flagship devices preparing to launch on Snapdragon 888, we’ve been surprised that sub-flagship devices didn’t have new hardware to sit on.

The mention of Snapdragon 775 and 775G might just be fortuitous speculation, but we’ve long suspect that we’d be hearing something from Qualcomm on the 700 series fairly soon.

Snapdragon 775 could sit on a 5nm process, supporting faster RAM and storage, while boosting camera support too. We’d expect integrated 5G, as per the previous generation.

Of course, with nothing official, this is all just speculation about a future platform that might be coming down the line. However, there’s a collection of mid-range devices we’re expecting to be launched on new Qualcomm hardware – and we suspect that some devices are waiting for that announcement to go out.

That could include Xiaomi, Oppo, Nokia and OnePlus mid-range devices, and it might also be the hardware that powers a future Pixel 6.

This is certainly a space to watch and we have a feeling that there will soon be something from Qualcomm.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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