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Quartz Countertop Options For Our Bathroom Vanities (Which One Is Your Favorite?)

I hit a bit of a bump in the road with the quartz countertops for our bathroom vanities. Long ago, I had made a decision on what I wanted, and where I was getting it, but I learned last Friday that I had some miscommunication with that place. They only offers 3cm quartz countertops (about 1 1/4″ thick), and I want 2cm (about 3/4″ thick) countertops for our bathroom. I’m so glad I realized that before they came out and measured and started the process! So yesterday, I had to start from the beginning, with a new place, and new quartz countertop options for our bathroom.

I actually love the four new options far more than my original selection, which was just a plain white quartz with very light gray speckles. I don’t think this is the exact one I chose originally, but it’s pretty close.

That one is Corian Cloud White in a polished finish, and I’m pretty sure it’s what I have in the studio half bathroom. I brought it home from the new place because it was so much like the one I had originally chosen, but I ruled it out almost immediately because they had so many prettier ones.

These four new options look much more high end, in my humble opinion. The final four that I’ve narrowed it down to are: (1) Corian Stratus White, leathered, (2) Corian Ashen Gray, leathered, (3) Vicostone Luna Plena, polished, and (4) Vicostone Elysian, polished.

Here’s a closer look at each one. I have a definite favorite, so I’m curious to see which one y’all gravitate towards.

Corian Stratus White, Leathered

This leathered finish is amazing. At first, I thought it was just a honed (matte) look, but it’s not. While most of it is matte, you can see tiny hints of a polished surface peeking through. But it’s on such a small, granular level that it’s almost undetectable. It’s really hard to explain. You really have to see it in person to appreciate it.

Here’s a close-up of the Corian Stratus White in the leathered finish…

Here’s a look at it close to the wall and with the floor tile…

And a look at it next to the center storage cabinet with the floor in the background.

Here it is sitting on top of the floor tile (which it never will be, of course), and with the backsplash tile…

Corian Ashen Gray, Leathered

This Corian Ashen Gray in the leathered finish is very pretty with a much more subtle design.

Here’s a look at it next to the wall and with the floor tile…

And here it is next to the storage cabinet and with the floor tile in the background…

Here’s the Ashen Gray sitting on the floor tile with the backsplash tile…

Vicostone Luna Plena, Polished

I had never heard of this brand before. This is Luna Plena in a polished finish from Vicostone.

Here’s the view of it with the wall and the floor tile…

And with the storage cabinet and the floor tile…

Here’s what it looks like sitting right on top of the floor tile with the backsplash tile.

Vicostone Elysian, Polished

And finally, this is Elysian in a polished finish from Vicostone. I shocked myself choosing one that was predominantly light gray, but I absolutely love how those brownish-gray spots in it tie in with the walnut wood of the vanities and center cabinet.

Here’s a look at it next to the wall and with the floor tile…

And next to the cabinet with the floor tile in the background…

Here’s what it looks like right next to the other selections…

Like I said, I have a very clear favorite from these four. But quite honestly, I would be perfectly happy with any of the four. The sinks are a matte white finish, so they’ll look good with any of the four as well.

I’m curious to hear what your favorite is!

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