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Saturday Surfing, February 27, 2021

Good morning, my friend! Rise and shine, morning glory! I see signs of spring around these parts! I know we’re still a ways away, but just think — pretty soon the trees will be filled with lush, green leaves and pink and white flowers. This year the Lady Sanctuary is gonna be LIT! LOL. 😃

lady sanctuary with coycoy reading
The lady sanctuary: for girls only!
coycoy reading in lady sanctuary
We’re going to read so many books out there…

This weekend we’re celebrating Coywolf’s 5th birthday. It’s actually March 2, but we’re doing a few things this weekend to celebrate. The festivities kick off today with a small outdoor get-together with a couple of the children from the neighborhood with cupcakes and pizza. The two children are brothers (4 and 6) that Connor plays with all the time, and I’m hoping that even though it’ll just be a few socially distant kids and a low-key party, Connor will really enjoy it.

Truth be told, way back before 2019, I originally envisioned Connor’s fifth birthday would be a Disney princess blowout at Disneyland, but ya know, pandemic times. We gotta adapt.

After the party today, the fun continues tomorrow when we spend the day with her uncle outdoors at the San Francisco Zoo! 🦁🐘🐧

Anywho, that’s what’s going on here. What are you up to?

LOVE this whole look

I’ve had this on repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat… 😁


Note to self

Yet again, NOTE TO SELF

Have a great weekend!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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