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Saturday Surfing, Nov. 6, 2021!

Good morning, my beautiful friend. I hope you slept well. I woke up at the witching hour last night — 3 a.m. on the dot — because of a weird dream…

In the dream, I was back in my 20s and still single and dating. I was dating an up-and-coming chef, and a big group of us were out and about on a Friday night going to different restaurants and bars.

Sometime in the evening, a beautiful young woman joined us, and my spider senses started going off when I saw how she and the chef interacted with each other. I just knew there was something flirty happening between them but couldn’t put my finger on it.

My sixth sense confirmed something shady was happening when we were all at a restaurant where the chef was talking to his friends working in the back of the house, and he began introducing the young woman to everyone without bothering to introduce me.

My first thought was, “OH, HELL NO,” so I interjected loudly to the group, “Hi, I’m Karen, and I’m his girlfriend.” Then the chef said, “Um, this is Karen, and she’s, uh… Um, my, um.” So yeah, apparently at that point in the dream I’d had enough of his crap, so I started laughing, walked out of the restaurant, grabbed the first taxi I could find and went home.

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