Six Fun Things to Do in Finland

Six Fun Things to Do in Finland

Whether you want to explore Finland’s wild and beautiful natural landscapes or enjoy a night out on the town, you will not be short of exciting and fun things to do in the Nordic country. Here are six things you will not want to miss.

Casino Helsinki

You will find several casinos in Finland, but Casino Helsinki is the best. Not least because it is one of the few casinos in the world to donate all of its profits to charitable causes. Located just ten minutes away from the Central Railway Station in Finland’s capital, the two-story casino features around 300 slot machines, more than 20 gaming tables, and even a poker room. There are weekly poker tournaments, and Casino Helsinki also hosts the annual Finnish Poker Championships. And at the Sports Bar, you can watch major sports on the big screen while enjoying some delicious food and beverages. If you are looking for some nightlife thrills in Helsinki, this casino has it all. But if you want to continue having fun playing casino games in Finland after departing Helsinki, you can play a variety of excellent slots and table games at an online casino.

Hossa National Park

If exploring the great outdoors is your idea of fun, then you will not want to miss Hossa National Park. Located around the village of Hossa, which contains the oldest rock paintings in Northern Finland, dating from around 1500-2500 BC, the national park was established in 2017 to commemorate Finland’s centenary of independence. Stretching over 11,000 hectares, the beautiful expanse contains glistening lakes, dense forests, and deep canyons. You could spot free-roaming reindeer, bears, and wolves. And if you are feeling active, you can scuba-dive in the 131-foot-deep Öllön lake.

Närpes Teater

Located in the town of Närpes, the Närpes Teater has been going for more than 50 years. The theatre is only open in the summer, and it is remarkable for two reasons. Firstly, the performance takes place on a unique revolving stage, and secondly, all the actors speak in the local Swedish dialect, making the theatre troupe the first one to do so. But you do not need to be able to speak the language to enjoy the energy and colourful spectacle of the shows put on at Närpes Teater.

Seurasaaren Ulkomuseo

Situated about 3.5 miles northwest of Helsinki, you will come across an island museum that features 87 historic wooden buildings, as well as a mansion and a parsonage and church. You are free to roam Seurasaaren Ulkomuseo by yourself, or you can go on a guided tour where the guides are dressed in traditional costumes. The island also hosts the country’s largest Juhannus bonfires. Juhannus, which celebrates the longest day of the year, is the most important annual event for Finns, and it is an experience not to be missed.


Rock fans will want to check out the live music on offer at the legendary Helsinki venue Tavastia. It has been going strong since 1970 and features up-and-coming local bands as well as well-known international groups. There are performances almost every night, so no matter when you arrive, you will be able to enjoy the power chords emitting from Tavastia.


The UNESCO World Heritage site, Suomenlinna, is a cluster of islands connected by bridges, originally built by Swedes in the 18th century. From fortress walls and bunkers to museums and picnic spots, Suomenlinna is a truly delightful place to explore on a day trip. You can even see Finland’s only remaining submarine from World War II. Ferries regularly leave from Suomenlinna’s main quay. And on the quay, you will be able to see the stunning bright-pink Rantakasarmi. The building is one of the best-preserved of the Russian era and there is a fascinating exhibition inside.

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