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The Etiquette Surrounding Gifting Alcohol

What You Need To Know

If you are going to a party next week that is celebrating an engagement, you may be wondering what to bring along. Tradition dictates that you should take a bottle or bottles of alcohol, but which type?

Yes, even in 2022, there are faux pas around taking the wrong alcohol to the wrong event, meaning that you may be seen as a bit unpopular if you gift the wrong alcohol. Yikes! Luckily, few people are truly up to speed on these rules, but it can make an interesting talking point!

So, here are some of the etiquette rules surrounding gift-giving alcohol.

Housewarming or Dinner Party

In the instances where you are attending a housewarming or dinner party, you may want to take along the standard bottle of red or white wine. But you can also take along a few bottles of beer if you are not a big fan of wine. If you know that wine or beer is one of your hosts’ favorite drinks, you can add a bit of additional class to this gift, and have a personalized bottle made for them. Such bottles are available at, so you won’t be short of ideas!


Much like the dinner party, wine and beer are the alcohols of choice to give, especially if they are in the medium to moderate price range.

But if your friend or family member likes a bit more punch to their drinks, you can gift them whiskey or even a cocktail mixer set. These are on the heavier end of the alcohol range but can make great gifts for the right person. If it is simply a case of taking alcohol to a party, then beer and cider are the optimum choices or vodka mixers.


Suppose your parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. This is a special occasion for sure! But did you know that there are different wine types that symbolize every wedding anniversary?

You could even go a different way and find a bottle of wine to take and/or gift that is dated to the year when your parents got married? If you are simply attending an anniversary party, then it can be ideal to take wines or beers, especially if the person the party is for is a distant family member. That way, you won’t cause offense!


Weddings are a time for great joy and celebration. So, if you are attending a reception for a wedding, you can rest assured that there will be alcohol there. But when it comes to attending weddings that are a bit shorter on guests, you may want to take alcohol along, and of course, the top choice is champagne and wine, though always check with the bride and groom first if it isn’t a direct present for them.


Christmas is a time for families to get together and is also a time when more unusual alcohols come out. So, if you are attending a family Christmas party, take along mulled wine, which is delicious when served warm on a cold night. You could take along some whiskey or premixed punch to help get the party going, but just make sure the alcohol content is mild to moderate, as no one wants an argument at the family Christmas party!


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