The SwitchBot Hub 2 brings Matter support

The smart home company SwitchBot, which makes tiny robots that can do things for you like press switches, turn locks, and open curtains, is introducing a new Matter-enabled hub. The $69 SwitchBot Hub 2 arrives in March and will work with all existing and new SwitchBot Bluetooth devices and enable those devices that are supported by the new smart home standard to work with Matter.

A rendering of the new SwitchBot Hub 2, which will support Matter.
Image: SwitchBot

The Hub 2 retains the Hub Mini’s IR control function but with an increased range over the Mini. It also supports sunrise / sunset and geo-fencing automations for SwitchBot products and has two buttons on the screen that can trigger scenes or control individual devices.

SwitchBot made its name with the SwitchBot Bot, a small box that attaches to a light switch or other button to press it for you automatically. Its range of products now includes a smart lock, smart curtain, blind controllers, smart plugs, and sensors, among other devices. 

Matter compatibility will allow SwitchBot devices, such as the smart lock and curtain motor, to work in Apple Home.

Matter compatibility will allow SwitchBot devices, such as the smart lock and curtain motor, to work in Apple Home.
Image: SwitchBot

Most SwitchBot products are Bluetooth-powered and rely on a hub to connect to the internet for out-of-home control, voice assistant compatibility, scheduling, and more advanced automations.

With Matter on board, the new Wi-Fi-based SwitchBot Hub can expose existing SwitchBot Bluetooth products to Matter platforms — including Apple Home, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings. The existing hub supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Siri shortcuts.

Initially, Matter will only support a small number of device categories — including smart light bulbs, plugs, shades, and locks. SwitchBot says it will start with Matter support for its smart curtain controller in February, with support for the door lock and Bot coming soon. SwitchBot also announced that its compatible Wi-Fi products, which include a smart plug, will be upgraded to support Matter directly in the future, without the need for the Hub.

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