Travel Blogging Tricks You Didn’t Know You Needed

It all seems so easy. Chances are, if you haven’t started a free blog to document your travels, a friend has. Going pro couldn’t be THAT hard… could it?

Like any paying endeavour, you have to take a business-like approach to travel blogging if you want to succeed at it. That means finding a niche, learning social media marketing, building a mailing list, and much more.
But, as with any business, you’ll run into issues you might not anticipate. In this blog, we’ll cover some unexpected travel blogging pitfalls and tricks that’ll help you avoid them.

Take Lots of Pictures (Seriously, Take Tonnes)

Humans are visual creatures. So, it makes sense that photo and video-rich content performs MUCH better than standalone text.

Now, this tip may sound a bit too obvious. After all, we live in a world where Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok dominate the landscape. Virtually every travel blogger knows they need visual content on their site.
The problem arises from not taking enough snaps. Countless bloggers take shots of top attractions and amazing highlights whilst ignoring the mundane. However, it’s the little things that give your site its unique flavour.

Everyone takes pictures of the Taj Mahal – but few document the curry restaurant just outside the gates. Be that travel blogger.  

Write Absolutely Everything Down

As amazing as the human brain is, it seriously lacks RAM (short-term memory). Try and remember what you had for dinner ten days ago – unless you’re on a strict diet, you probably can’t.
The same principle applies to intimate details of a hotel, eatery, or attraction. Three months on, you’ll remember its most memorable aspects – but you’ll forget the finer details. In those details, you can offer value to readers that others simply can’t.

Embrace Editorial Calendars

Everybody loves to talk about side hustles. For many, though, it’s just talk – starting ANYTHING on the side is obnoxiously hard. Between work, personal/family commitments, and your TV/social media habit, carving out time to build a business can be tough.

To succeed, organisation is critical. In your quest to become a travel blogger, the editorial calendar will help make order out of chaos. It’ll lay out a posting schedule, allow you to brainstorm ideas and set goals.
With expectations laid out in writing, it’ll become harder to make excuses and quit. This tip is huge for getting past the dip that many new travel bloggers get stuck in.  

Fixing a Browser That Won’t Display Content Correctly

One day you open your browser, only to find that pages are loading weirdly. Certain elements won’t appear, and because of this, some sites won’t function at all.
After scanning for viruses and checking your router, you’re at your wit’s end. So, what the heck is going on?

Have you considered that Javascript may be disabled? To see if it has, learn how to enable Javascript on Windows 10. By going into your browser’s settings, you’ll get to see if it has been switched off. If it has, re-enable it, and you might end up solving your problem.

Becoming a Successful Travel Blogger is Hard – So Work Harder

There are likely more than a million travel blogs out there. That number alone can discourage some from even trying, but take heart. Many of those sites are dead, infrequently updated, or poorly written. However, with hard work, a unique angle, and a positive attitude, you can make an impact.

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